The Precision L-Shaped Call of Duty Gaming Desk Makes for an Unrivaled Battle Station

Overall Grade: A

(Dimensions: 61” Width, 24”-39” Depth, 29.5”-48” Adjustable Height)


·       Loads of surface space

·       Smooth, seamless ergonomic capabilities

·       Monitor risers are legit (ergonomic, spacious, can support a lot of weight)

·       Everything is adjustable, so your experience gets its own tailor

·       Sick RGB feature which sets it apart from other gaming desks


·       Instruction manual not the easiest to work off (but thankfully putting the gaming desk together is simple enough and doesn’t take super long)

·       Only available with the L panel on the left side (not interchangeable)

Fun little change of pace, reviewing a themed gaming desk! As readers familiar with my reviews will already know, shooters are my thing—so I admit I got pretty hype about getting to review this Call of Duty-themed L shaped gaming desk from Eureka Ergonomic, who just became an officially licensed partner of Activision for Call of Duty gaming desks, chairs, mousepads, and other accessories. Tight.

As someone who’s been on the lookout for a solid gaming desk, I’m happy with the fruits of my journey so far—after all, it led me here! Being upfront—I’m not sure I’ll feel the need to review another gaming desk, standing desk, or L shaped desk for a long time. The Precision L Shaped Call of Duty Gaming Desk literally met every criterion I was hoping to check off.

Down to nuts and bolts. The Precision L Shaped Gaming Desk is capable of supporting up to 220lbs. The monitor riser, on its own, is strong and wide enough to support two monitors. Worrying about my gaming desk buckling under the weight of my setup hasn’t been a major concern to me, let’s put it that way.

One of the noteworthy aspects that sets the Precision L Shaped Call of Duty Gaming Desk apart from its competitors is its built-in ergonomic technology. Rising L shaped desks that are of good quality are hard to come by (I know, sadly, from personal experience). The Precision has a dual motor system, which (if you’re asking yourself what that means) basically ensures that when the desktop ascends or descends, it does so even across the board—no crazy, uneven tilt from the L shaped panel, nothing like that. Very efficient technology, and hard to imagine it breaking down anytime soon.

On top of that? When you adjust the height of the gaming desk, it barely makes a peep. One of my BIGGEST pet peeves of previous ergonomic desks is how LOUD they can be while responding to your commands. The fact that its mechanism is virtually silent alone encapsulates the overall quality of this L shaped standing desk.

The Precision L Shaped Gaming Desk also boasts a nice RGB touch—vivid RGB lighting radiates from underneath the monitor riser, splashing color across your desktop, keyboard tray, and setup. This standing desk really does everything it can to declare its individuality. I appreciate that.

Speaking of keyboard trays—this one’s entirely rotatable. Regardless of what sitting position you find the most comfortable, you’re gonna be alright. Adjust it to your heart’s content—it won’t get in the way of you enjoying or creating content (apologies for the shameless pun).

Additional features of the Precision L Shaped Call of Duty Gaming Desk include a rotatable cupholder (what can I say, Eureka Ergonomic love to rotate things!), magnetic cable ties for storage organization, and a headphone stand. I’m wracking my brain trying to think of what else you could possibly need from your gaming station.

Interested in investigating more Eureka Ergonomic products to pair with the Precision L Shaped Call of Duty Gaming Desk? Check out their WARZONE gaming chairs as well as their Call of Duty-themed floormats and mousepads—most available in multiple colors!

I highly recommend the Precision L Shaped Call of Duty Gaming Desk. If you’re looking for an ergonomic desk, a standing desk that can meet you where you need it to, this is it. If you’re simply looking for a gaming desk to anchor down your gaming setup, this is also it. You can’t lose. 

Michael Caine

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