Review of Uwell Caliburn Pod System Kit

When we talk about the pod system kit, they are a hundred in numbers. Different pod kits are introduced by different companies and all of them are in tough competition. There are a variety of pod kits and pod pens available on Next Day Vapes

Recently, Uwell has just introduced a new pod system known as Caliburn. Caliburn is the first-ever pod vape launched by well. It is claimed by Uwell that this pod system kit is better than all other pod pens and vapes. And it is definitely going to be one of the favorite pod systems for all the vapers. Let’s find out what’s the hype about and see the new features and design of the Uwell Caliburn pod system. 

Caliburn Specs and Features: 

The Uwell Caliburn is mostly known for its sub-ohm tanks, it consumes 2ml of refillable pods with atop filling system. Unlike all other pod pens and tanks, Caliburn has a dual firing system. It has both option draw-activated as well as the fire button. You can use any of them according to your convenience. This amazing pod tank is available just for $37.95 on NextDay Vapes and it will give you a whole new experience of vaping. 


The Caliburn pod pen has some solid feels. It is made up of aluminum alloy. It has a very sleek and comfortable design. The device looks like something in-between a pod vape and a vape pen in size. It stands at 110 mm tall, 21.2 mm wide and 11.6 mm thick. Its weight is approximately 34gram with Pod and 24gram if the pod is removed. The best thing about this pod system kit is how strong and unbreakable it is. As it has survived several accidental drops already. 

Talking about the pods, they are made up of tough plastics. These pods have magnetic gold plated connections along with two holes that are utilized to feed airflow. The best thing is Caliburn has a combination of new and old-style pods. That makes it look stylish as well as strong enough to resist accidents and drops. In addition to that, it is very easy to fill the pods, you might feel some difficulty in removing the mouthpiece but the rest method is so easy for all of us. Take the mouthpiece off and then you will find two 3.5mm ports. Fill them. Once the pod is filled, place and mouthpiece back and you are done. 

Battery Life: 

The best about this pod kit system is its battery life. Uwell Caliburn comes with a 520mAh battery. That is enough for 24 hours use, once fully charged. 5 clicks are required to turn the device on. You can also check battery level by pressing the power button. The color of LED light indicates the percentage of battery. 

Green  means over 60%

Blue means within 30-60%

Red means below 30%

This device only requires 45 minutes to get fully charged. The charging cable that comes in the box works perfectly. 

Pros of Caliburn Pod Kit: 

I have heard a lot of good things about the Uwell Caliburn pod system. The following are some of the best points of this pod kit. 


  • Warm flavorful vape
  • Button and draw-activated
  • 2 mL of liquid capacity
  • Quick ramp-up time
  • Efficient wicking
  • ​520 mAh battery capacity and long-lasting battery. 
  • Lightweight and easy to carry. 
  • Fast charging
  • Good vapor production for a pod vape
  • Comfortable designs. 
  • Portable. 
  • It can survive any accidental drop. 
  • 10/10 value of money. 

Cons Of Caliburn Pod Kit: 

The following are some of the drawbacks of using the Caliburn Pod kit. 

  • Not a true MTL draw
  • ​​Hard to remove the mouthpiece​ in the first place.
  • ​​Direct voltage output​
  • ​​Limited coil options​
  • Built-in coils might disappoint you. 

Precisely, the Uwell Caliburn pod system kit is one of the best and affordable pod kits. They are durable and can make vaping much more fun.

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