Review Of Green Tea Shot

How does this drink taste?
When it comes to the flavor of this shot drink, there is nothing unique or distinctive about the taste that this drink has. The green color is what makes this drink stand out, not particularly the taste of the drink. If you have made this drink with the right procedure and the right ingredients, the dominant flavor is always fruity peach schnapps. This is the reason why it decreases steadily when consumed. Well, you can avoid the peach schnapps flavor if you don’t like its taste.
The taste of your green tea drink depends on what type or brand of whiskey you used to make this shot. As pointed out earlier, many people tend to use Jameson Irish whiskey because of its rich flavor. Jameson whiskey blends perfectly with peach brandy and balances the sweet taste that peach brandy brings. Well, there is room for change if Jameson whiskey is not your preferred choice. Any soda will be a perfect choice for a sour mix, but sprite soda is mainly used in the US. It is the preferred choice for many as it cuts the rough edges of Jameson whiskey. When it comes to sour mix, there are several store-bought options. This means you have room to play with any ingredient when making the last bit of your green tea drink. Read more on: wbaynews
How do you make a green tea shot?
The preparation of this cocktail does not involve any complicated procedures. The process is much more straightforward compared to other cocktail recipes.
So what is the process of making this drink?
The first step is to add half an ounce of Jameson Irish whiskey to the shaker, then add the peach brandy and sour mix in that order. Remember to use equal amounts of all these ingredients. Add the required amount of ice cubes to the shaker and shake the mixture vigorously until it is completely combined. Pour the cocktail drink into the glasses. Use a strainer to prevent ice cubes from falling into the glasses. Add lemonade or sprite to the top of the drink in the glass and enjoy.
The secret to making the perfect green tea depends on the percentage of alcohol. One ounce of alcohol should be 40% alcohol, while the remaining ounce should be between 15% and 20% alcohol. These two will make your drink sweet and tasty. The acidic mixture strongly affects the color of this drink. You may find that some drinks are lighter in color while others are dark green in color. You can also make a homemade sour mix. The best thing about making homemade sour mix is ​​that you have the freedom to adjust the flavor to whatever you want.
What makes green tea unique?
This drink is perfect for any occasion, be it a party or just the weekend. The ingredients used in making this drink are also easily available and the best part is that it takes a few minutes to prepare. The flexibility of this drink means you can swap out one ingredient for another without necessarily affecting the quality and taste of the drink. It is essential that you enjoy this drink with ice cubes in the glass as it is best served chilled.
The combination of sweet and sour flavors takes this drink to a whole new level and makes it easy to swallow. The alcohol content is also just right, meaning it will take a few glasses to put you down. The freshness makes this drink lovely and even beginners can drink it with great ease. However, it may not be the perfect drink for people who don’t like peach schnapps.
Bottom Line
This drink has gained popularity over the years and has become a popular request in most bars. If you don’t love any peach flavored drink, this drink is super delicious. It is also easy to make and quite easy to consume unlike many other shot drinks. Most drinks are often made using alcohol as the base ingredient, but a few versions have been born that are just as enjoyable. You should definitely try this drink if you have never tried it before.

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