Review of Bose NCH 700 Noise Canceling Headphones

If you are looking for high quality headphones, one brand you’ve probably heard of is Bose. 

One of the largest audio equipment companies in the world, Bose is well known for producing headphones with excellent sound quality and noise cancellation capabilities. 

Their NCH 700 wireless headphones represent their latest upgrade from their popular Quiet Comfort lineup from several years ago.

Regardless of whether you want to listen to music, watch videos online, study/work quietly, or just drown out the noise around you, headphones can be a very convenient item to have. 

But are the NCH 700 headphones the right way to go? 

In this review, we’ll cover every aspect of the NCH700 headphones, from comparing them to older Bose headphone models to the noise reduction and sound capabilities to comfort levels and overall battery life. 

By the end of this article, you will have gained enough information about the Bose NCH 700 headphones to make an informed decision about whether they are the right choice for you. 

Bose NCH 700 Compared to Bose’s Older Models

The very first thing you will notice about the NCH 700 headphones is their sleek and modern design. They are quite often rated the most stylish noise cancelling headphones. Gone are the days where there would be visible screws or hinges in the outward, industrialized appearance of headphones!

Unlike the older QuietComfort Bose models, the ear cups of the NCH 700 are no longer pleated and are more streamlined as well. 

When it comes to noise, the NCH 700 offers eleven noise cancellation settings, whereas the previous Bose QC35 offered only three. The noise cancellation levels vary from ‘very light noise cancellation’ to ‘full noise cancellation.’ 

Bose’s NCH 700 cans come in either black or silver. Surprisingly, the headphones only fold flat and don’t collapse inwardly like the old model did. Although they fit nicely into a zip-up carrying case that comes with the product, they’re a bit more annoying to carry around. 


Bose has long been known for creating excellent, high quality sound with their products. The NCH 700 headphones are no exception! 

The sound they create is crisp, clear, and well balanced. When listening to music, you may even pick up on harmonies and elements of the song you didn’t notice before with inferior audio products. 

Just take note that it’s also possible for your ears to grow fatigued when listening to music with high frequency sounds, because the NCH 700 will pick up on almost everything. 

Noise Cancellation 

Many people choose to purchase headphones not just for the sound quality but also for the noise cancellation capabilities. This is another area where Bose is known to excel and where the NCH 700 headphones deliver. 

The NCH 700 headphones are officially classified as noise cancelling headphones, meaning they block other sounds around you so you can listen to your music more clearly or focus better if you need to study. 

Another big advantage to the NCH 700 is the fact that they will also block out noises for anyone else on the other end of the line (such as if you’re making a phone call). Many other noise cancelling headphones on the market seem to amplify surrounding sounds during phone calls, but Bose has done an incredible job at avoiding this issue.

According to Bose, this is accomplished through two of the eight microphones installed in the NCH 700, which are paired to two separate mics. These mics then work congruently to separate your voice from other noises in your environment. 


The NCH 700 headphones are incredibly comfortable to wear. One of the first things you will notice when you first wear them is how lightweight they are, in addition to the soft foam underside in the ear cups. The ear cups will completely cover your ears to both ensure proper noise cancellation and a great fit. 

The headband of the NCH 700 is also cushioned for added comfort and has been designed to guarantee that weight is distributed evenly. To adjust, you can slide the ear cups either up or down rather than manipulating the band itself. 

Controls and Battery Life

The controls on the NCH 700 are easy to reach. There are numerous buttons located on the ear cups:

The right cup has toggles for digital assistance and power, while the left has an adjustable noise cancellation button.  

The controls themselves are just as easy to use as they are to access. You either swipe down or up on the right ear cup to change volume, and tap twice to pause or play the music (the cups are touch sensitive). 

To skip back or forward in the track listing, you will simply need to swipe back or forward as appropriate. The overall function is very seamless.

You can also control the NCH 700 by using the Bose music app. Available on both the App Store and the Google Play Store, you can hook up the NCH 700 to the app by following the on-screen instructions to pair the two. 

One negative aspect is that you need internet connection to use the app. If you find yourself somewhere without internet access (such as on an airplane), the app will be borderline useless to you. 

Bose claims that the NCH 700 offers a full twenty hours of battery life, but if you continuously play music or tracks at high volumes, you’ll likely get a few hours lower than this. 

You can charge the NCH 700 using a USB-C cable, and it will take two and a half hours to earn a full charge. Even a short ten-minute charge, however, should provide you with at least two hours of listening time. 


While the Bose NCH 700 do not represent a revolutionary new product, they are a solid entry in the gigantic headphone market. The new cans offer excellent sound quality, unrivalled noise cancellation, and are super comfortable to wear. The intuitive controls and sleek modern design coupled with the ability to make high-quality phone calls make it worth a buy!