Review About GBWhatsApp For Android

GB Whatsapp is a modified application from Whatsapp that has many advantages and is equipped with various interesting features. In addition, there are many types and how to use them is very easy. Are you curious? Come on, see the complete information below.

This application is a modification of the standard WA which is made specifically with various advantages and unique features. So, by using this WhatsApp MOD, one can get more beneficial features.

One of the advantages that most wearers like is in terms of privacy. To find out a more complete explanation, let’s look at the following information.

The advantages of the WA GB feature

WA modifications are developed by third parties. Therefore, it is only natural that it has different features from regular WA. In fact, some of its features are arguably better. Some of the features that were only available on the old version of GB Whatsapp have also been adapted to the official Whatsapp.

For example, the “last seen…” feature previously only existed in the WA mod. However, since 2016, this feature has been adapted to the official Whatsapp.

Then, some other features that have been adapted in official WA are the blue tick feature and the feature of hiding names when viewing other people’s status. Even though some of the features have been adapted to official WA, there are still some features that are only available on the GB Whatsapp APK.

Here are some of its excellent features:

  1. Send videos with a size large enough
  2. Send up to 100 images at once
  3. Set the group name to more than 35 characters
  4. Use two WA applications on one cellphone
  5. Schedule messages
  6. Set up automatic replies even if it’s not Business WA
  7. Using a specific theme
  8. Hide online status

Features of the GBWhatsApp

There are several excellent features of the GBWhatsApp application which were reported from which makes some people want to use it compared to other variants of WhatsApp Mod. The following are below.

  1. Automatic Chat Reply

This feature is often used by someone who owns a WhatsApp account that is intended for business. By replying to automatic messages, you can answer every chat or message that comes in your WhatsApp account without the need to type it manually.

  1. WhatsApp theme

The theme on WA GB is one of the most useful features. By changing the theme on WhatsApp, you won’t get bored easily with the same appearance. The good thing is, GBWhatsApp provides quite a lot of theme choices in it.

  1. Dual WhatsApp

Did you know that the WhatsApp GB APK can be used simultaneously with the original WA on an Android phone? Simply by installing it, you can use two WhatsApp accounts on just one cellphone.

  1. Hide the tick

The most wanted feature of the GB Whatsapp APK is a tick on hidden chats. You can uncheck your messages, either double blue tick (read) or check two (sent) that appear in your contacts.

  1. Send Multiple Images

WhatsApp basically implements it in its system so that it can only send images with a maximum number of 10. But by using the GBWhatsApp APK, you can send a large number of images or more than 10 at once.

  1. Long Video Status

One of the most favorite features on GB WhatsApp is being able to create video status with a long duration. You can only install a video status for 30 seconds on the original WA, but for the GB WhatsApp APK you can upload videos for up to 7 minutes.

  1. Schedule Automatic Messages

Besides being able to send messages automatically, GB WA is also able to send automatic messages by arranging them according to schedule. This feature is very effective if you want to send a chat at the time you need it.