Revealing The True Cost of Diamond Jewellery: London Diamonds Removes “Middleman Markup” to Deliver a Unique Jewellery Shopping Experience at Fair Price

Revealing The True Cost of Diamond Jewellery: London Diamonds Removes “Middleman Markup” to Deliver a Unique Jewellery Shopping Experience at Fair Price

Consumers around the world shopping for diamonds have always complained about the industry’s prices, with brands in the industry remaining mostly silent. However, this all changed with London Diamonds, a brand that was determined to change the way that people shop for the most precious of stones.

The company, which has a mission to change the way the world buys diamonds, offers a personalised service to clients at every budget. Whether you are buying a custom, handmade diamond ring for £1,500 or £1,500,000, clients of London Diamonds are able to buy on the best possible terms with total transparency by cutting out the various middleman and retail brand markup at the same time.

“For decades, diamonds have been one of the most sought-after stones in the world. This is a fact that the industry and its stakeholders have been only too happy to exploit. At London Diamonds, we are saying, enough is enough,” said Victoria Elden, a spokesperson for London Diamonds.

“As a result, we have moved to disrupt the industry with a new and unconventional approach. The approach doesn’t just introduce a new way of sourcing diamonds – it also brings a whole new shopping experience for clients and the proof is in our testimonials and growth”

The move is shaking up an industry which has barely changed in decades. Consumers who previously had a choice between inflated prices from jewellery boutiques with large marketing budgets or lower-end retailers selling low cost, low quality, mass-produced diamond pieces now have a third choice.

London Diamond’s third choice goes against the grain of the industry. While using the same suppliers as boutique jewellery stores, the company eschews the brand markup, giving consumers more options, at a fairer price, with exceptional customer service and the freedom to create bespoke pieces so clients can have exactly what they really want and not what happens to be in stock.

This revolutionary diamond company offers a wide range of handmade diamond rings, created by a team of experienced professionals, who have previously worked with some of the world’s biggest jewellery brands. Clients who have already chosen to work with London Diamonds have been effusive about the service:

“I am so pleased that I chose London Diamonds to make my fiancée’s engagement ring, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. James was fantastic to work with. Meetings and consultations were relaxed and friendly; I never felt under any pressure to buy or make a decision I wasn’t totally comfortable with,” said Daniel Pease.

“James was very quick to respond to emails at every stage of the process, and his responses were genuinely informative and helpful – appreciated, given that diamonds are not an everyday purchase! As for the product, wow! My fiancée loves it: she has had so much lovely feedback from friends and even strangers. A huge thanks to the team who worked behind the scenes, too!”

London Diamond’s combination of fair pricing, craftsmanship and professionalism has bought the company to prominence in a short space of time – expect to see further accolades from around the world in 2020.