Retractable Banners and Why You Need Them

Retractable banners or backdrops are extra wide banners that come in stands that can be custom printed for any event. You’ll recognize them at trade shows and red carpet events, as they are commonly used to make an impact with wide displays and as a photo backdrop. Lush Banners offer lots of options when it comes to retractable banners, and we’ll walk you through how they work and what to order.

We love retractable backdrops for so many reasons. Read on as we tell you why Lush Banners is great for your business.

Why Retractable Banners Are Great For Business

Retractable banners are great because they provide a large backdrop to print your brand or message on and then they retract, which makes them easy to store and easy to transport.

So Many Options To Choose From

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to retractable banners. Let’s go over some of the basic options to start with.

Standard Retractable Banner Stands [A1,A2]

Our standard retractable banners stands have a simplified compact base, are the most affordable, and they are easy to use and easy to transport. Event planners love them because they have a fixed width and height, so it’s simple to order new graphic banners when necessary, though we recommend professional help when it’s time to actually swap them out.

Graphic Interchangeable Flex Retractable Banner Stands

The graphic interchangeable flex retractable banner stands are a customer favorite. They are typically a go to solution for when you need to replace banners quickly and on the go. Their height is adjustable, the base tension is adjustable and they have a one-click magnetic graphic exchange so you don’t have to worry about getting help with swapping out banners.

The best part is that it comes with a limited Lifetime Warranty so that you can keep the stand and interchange the graphics as needed. Choose standard banners, premium with a custom base, or really utilize your space with double sided banners.

Premium Retractable Banner Stands

Our premium retractable banners are great because they are made with a slightly heavier and sturdier frame and includes a silver jetstream line design on the base.

Though they do have a fixed width and height, similar to the standard banner stands, we recommend professional installation for replacing the graphic.

Silverstep Retractable Banner Stands

Lush Banner’s silverstep retractable banners are a classic choice because they have a distinguished step-up-then-step-down profile to their bases. Plus their chrome magnetic end caps make for side panels that are easy to access when actually installing the graphic you printed. You’ll love their wide aluminum base with adjustable feet that makes them stable and sturdy.

Wide Retractable Banner Stands

Another option we have is our wide retractable banners, which are also known as backdrops, are banner displays that are more than 4 feet wide. Here at Lush Banners, we want you to be able to go big if you want, so you can choose the standard, silver step, or premium magnetic models in this size.

There are so many more options on our website, so feel free to browse through when deciding what you need to grow your business during your next event.

Affordable and Long Lasting

At Lush Banners, we’ve made it easy to afford a great promotional and marketing campaign with retractable banner stands and backdrops. You’ll love how easy it is to transport your large display and promotional items, and how easy it is to keep them safe when they retract back into their stands.

Though commonly used for trade shows and events like that, they also are great for special events and create beautiful photo opportunities. Our 8ft option is the most popular, though you can go as big as 20 feet! With Lush Banners, you’ll get nothing but high quality and affordable banners that you can easily set up and move when it’s time.

When you’re ready, you can print your graphics on vinyl or fabric. Vinyl is slightly more affordable and has a heavy matte opaque finish. The polyester fabric, on the other hand, is vibrant and lightweight, though also slightly see-through when placed in front of the light.

Easy To Order

Retractable banner stands are great for so many reasons, including how easy they are to set up and takedown. Here at Lush Banners, we’ve made it just as easy to order. Don’t waste another second when it comes to your marketing and promotional campaigns. Instead, let Lush Banners help you get the retractable banners you need today. Start by choosing the model you need, either standard, silverstep, or premium magnetic. Then decide whether a full-color high definition vinyl or a polyester fabric graphic will fit your needs better. From there, you’ll decide the size that works for your retractable backdrops and we’ll help you decide the perfect base for you.

Get Your Retractable Banners Today

We’ve made it our mission to create not only affordable banner options but really high-quality banners that you can use again and again. The experts at Lush Banners have tested out both our vinyl and fabric printing products to ensure that the colors stay vibrant and the material stays durable. With double-sided options, adjustable tension options, and more, it’s easier than ever to get the banners you need for your business. Plus you’ll get a free carrying bag or case for every banner you order!

Ready to get started or just have general questions? Reach out to us today and let us help you find the solution you really want to get the product you want.


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