Resume and Cover Letter Trends 2020 You Must Follow

While things may have gone on to become digital, the use of resumes on paper continues to remain as important as it was. In fact, even in the world of LinkedIn applications, the good old humble Cover Letters have not lost their charms, and still hold a very important role in the job market. 

In fact, a good cover letter is one of the best ways to describe why should a company consider you as the best candidate out of the different job applications they have received. Similarly, your resume should also contain information in a way that it has the power to convince the hiring manager to at least call you for an interview. 

Landing a job in 2020 is even more difficult with COVID-19 being at the forefront for the past few months. Check out some of the resume and cover letter trends for 2020 which will help you in getting closer to the job interview you’ve been waiting for. 

Let us begin with the resume trends:

Target specific resume: Gone are the days when one resume would work for all the companies that you apply at. In fact, nowadays, field specific resumes have taken the center stage wherein you tailor your resume exactly to the specifications of the job field you are planning to get in. It gets easier for companies to look at the skills that are needed for the job and hire you if you are a good fit for them.

Trim it away: Gone are the days when your resume would be as long as the game of thrones episodes. Recruiters prefer to read resumes which are shorter and have quality information in it rather than those which have random stuff mentioned more than the actual information about the candidate. 

Link it in: Since LinkedIn has become a very important part of the online professional social culture, you must begin to add your LinkedIn URL as well in the resume. You can even invest some time in LinkedIn profile writing so that there’s another avenue where you can impress the recruiter.

Skill it Up: In today’s world, more than your actual job profile, it is the technical skills that give you an edge as compared to the other candidates. You must also ensure that you remain updated with the latest technological competences that industries expect candidates to possess so that they are able to do the required job.

Quantify as much as you can: You need to ensure that your achievements are mentioned in a way that it does leave a lasting impression on the recruiting manager. You can use numbers to show your accolades in a way that it depicts that you happen to be result-oriented and have always remained focused throughout in your career.

Talking about the cover letter trends in 2020:

Catchy Headline: Just like articles with catchy headlines make you interested in the article, a catchy headline for your cover letter will do just the trick for you. Make sure the headline is formal enough for the company you are applying to.

Greet Well: Gone are the days when you would begin your cover letter with the greetings, “To Whom It May Concern”. In fact, you must research as to who the letter is being written to and when it is not possible for you to do so, you can simply use a Dear Sir/ Dear Madam greeting form rather than going the informal route.

No Repeat: If you are writing a cover letter for yourself, you need to ensure that your resume is not being repeated in your letter and has something different to offer. Moreover, you can go ahead and tell a short story about the achievements from your resume rather than repeating the same story that your resume writing services may have already mentioned. 

Short and Simple: Make sure that your cover letter does not exceed more than a page and does not include too much. You simply need to mention as to why do you need the job, what sets you apart from the other candidates that may be applying for the job and a line asking for the next steps in the application process. One thing that you must be in the letter is enthusiastic, however, please remain yourself and do not go in the flattering mode.

Finish in Style: Just like you begin with a bang, make sure you finish it in style and the ending remains a strong one. You should end it by telling them as to why would you be the best fit for the role and finally finish it with a formal sign off. 

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