Restaurants and cafes owned by top celebrities in South Korea

You may have already seen that South Korea’s entertainment industry has been rising and being more popular around the world. Some celebrities do not only have a rise in the entertainment industry, but also in the food industry. Ziptoss has made a list of some famous Korean celebrities and agencies who also own restaurants, cafes and bars in South Korea that you can visit.


  1. Grill5taco(geulilpaibeutako)- Donghae(Super Junior)

Located in Cheongdam, Grill5taco is owned by SuperJunior’s Donghae. This restaurant is known for its Mexican-Korean fusion dishes such as Kimchi Quesadillas. They also serve unlimited nachos and beer in the restaurant to compliment the flavors of their menu.

  1. Samgeori Pujutgan(samgeoli pujusgan)- Yang Hyun-Suk(YG)

One of the best restaurants in Seoul, this pork barbeque restaurant is owned by the former CEO of YG Entertainment and former member of the group Seo Taiji and Boys, Yang Hyun-Suk. This restaurant opened in 2015 where artists from YG Entertainment( Psy, 2NE1, Big Bang, etc.) performed for the grand opening.

You’ll be spotting a refined interior with an open kitchen and a “Big Bang” graffiti wall. The waiters of Samgeori Pujutgan regularly go around to check the temperatures of each plate to make sure every customer’s barbecue is cooked at the right temperature, they also provide three different sauces for your pork barbecue.

  1. YG Republique(YG lipeobeullig) IFC Branch- Yang Hyun-Suk(YG)

A 2nd food and bar establishment from YG, ‘YG Republique’ has a different concept compared to his first restaurant Samgeori Pujutgan. YG Republique consists of three different sections in one establishment. The first and second is the ‘3 Birds Coffee & Kitchen’, which is where they serve healthy meals, a wide range of coffee drinks, and a K-Pub where they serve their signature “YG Beer”. The last section is the ‘Samgeori Butchers Blue’ which is a more elevated version of YG’s pork barbecue restaurant, in which they only serve first-class meat here.

YG artists’ songs and music videos are also being played around the whole establishment. Surely this place is a must-visit for YG Entertainment fans!

  1. T.M.I.(tiem-ai)- Yoo Ah-In

T.M.I.(or “Too Much Information”) is a casual pub that just opened in Itaewon, Seoul. Owned by Korean actor Yoo Ah-In, this pub is minimalist yet stylish. Using organic ingredients, they serve healthy meals with their signature cocktails, beer and other drinks. When you’re visiting this pub, make sure to also try their Mushroom burger, their signature dish which is perfect for vegetarians.

  1.  SMT Seoul- SM Entertainment

SMT Seoul is a stylish and trendy building by SM Entertainment. Consisting of 5 stories, each floor has a different and unique theme. The first and second floor is a casual cafe and restaurant, then converted into a DJ Lounge with SM Entertainment artist’s holograms at 10 pm every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The third and fourth floors are penthouses with private rooms where they serve course menus of international cuisine. If you want to try the penthouse, it’s better to book a reservation in advance to enjoy your dining experience.

  1. The Street(deo seuteulis)- JYP Entertainment

Located near JYP Entertainment’s office and its second branch in Itaewon, this brunch cafe and bistro has wide rooms and tables, and a terrace for visitors at The Street. It’s also a place where JYP(Park Jin-Young) sometimes holds interviews or meetings with celebrities under JYP Entertainment.

Cafes and bars

  1. Nerd on Earth(neodeuba)- Im Seulong(2AM)

Im Seulong of the Kpop group 2AM owns this awesome rooftop bar with an overlooking view of Itaewon. Nerd on Earth or Nerd Bar has an amazing interior design with neon light accents and different concepts with good music to entertain their guests. Since Nerd Bar is run by Im Seulong, don’t be surprised if you run into other celebrities in the bar as well!

  1. Studio Concrete(seutyudio konkeuliteu)- Yoo Ah-In

Owned again by actor Yoo Ah-In, Studio Concrete is a house converted to a creative space with an art gallery, workshop, bar, and cafe with a terrace on the second floor. They serve quality coffee you can enjoy while looking at some artwork. When you visit Studio Concrete, “Tak-guu” the dog mascot might be the first one to greet you there!

  1. Pinci Caffe Espresso(pinchi kape)- Hwanhee(Fly to the Sky)

Located in Seoul, this cafe serves premium Italian coffee and delicious brunch dishes with modern and cozy interiors. Pinci Caffe Espresso is owned by R&B group ‘Fly to the Sky’ member, Hwanhee.

  1.  Cafe Dudart with AOMG(dudateu AOMG kape)- Jay Park & AOMG

This cafe chain located in Seoul, specifically the Apgujeong branch, is partnered with Jay Park and his company AOMG. Café Dudart has a wide variety of food and drinks perfect for breakfast and lunch such as sandwiches, chowder, and toast. This special cafe’s interior is tied with AOMG’s style, with Jay Park’s pictures around the place, as well as a merchandise corner selling autographed mugs, tumblers, and t-shirts.

  1.  The Min’s(deominseu)- Changmin(2AM)

Owned by 2AM’s Changmin, The Min’s is a cozy cafe with drinks made with organic ingredients and are all served in bigger sizes. The Min’s is not only owned by Changmin, but he also runs the cafe so you might be lucky to meet him in person when you visit his cafe!

  1.  La Terrace(la telaseu)- SidusHQ

Located on the first floor of SidusHQ, an entertainment company of popular singers and actors(such as Kim Woo-Bin, Kim Yoo-Jung, and Lee Yu-Bi), this cafe and diner is run by well-known chef, Lee Jin-Ho. Complementing its cozy interior with a wide terrace, they serve European cuisine, good coffee, and wine in La Terrace.

  1.  20 Space – The Mint Universe(20 seupeiseu)- Cube Entertainment

Located near Seongsu station, 20 Space cafe is owned by Cube Entertainment in Seoul. It has modern interiors that give a clean and relaxing atmosphere for fans and visitors. You can find collections of souvenirs related to K-pop artists under Cube Entertainment inside the cafe. This cafe is a must-visit for fans of their artists.

  1. Cafe Aewol Monsant(kape aewol deu mongsang)- G-Dragon(Big Bang)

A famous speakeasy Korean cafe located in Jeju Island, Cafe Aewol Monsant is owned and run by Kpop idol G-Dragon from the group Big Bang. Designed with modern pieces surrounded by big glass windows. Another feature of this cafe is the fresh air and the ocean view of Jeju Island right in front of you while you enjoy a cup of coffee. This place is definitely a must when visiting Jeju Island.

  1. Mouse Rabbit Underground (mauseulaebis eondeogeulaundeu)- Yesung(Super Junior)

Some of you might be familiar with the group ‘Super Junior’ from SM Entertainment. Mouse Rabbit Underground cafe and pub is owned by Super Junior’s Yesung, it’s one of the most popular spots in Seoul if you’re up for relaxing and having a good time. Mouse Rabbit Underground is located in an old neighborhood with lots of hidden cafes and dining places. Coffee, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are served in Yesung’s pub where you can also enjoy the cozy and casual atmosphere.