How to resolve Epson Printer Blinking Lights Error

Epson is a popular Japanese printer brand best known for fast printing and better print quality. New Epson printers are easy to set as you can connect the printer to various devices like PC, laptops, phones, and networks. These printers are also very cost-effective as they also provide scanning and fax service. But sometimes, users get Epson printer errors. One common error on Epson printers is the light error. The user reported that the printer lamp started blinking suddenly. This error on the printer can occur due to numerous ways.

Common Reasons Behind Epson Printer Blinking Lights error

  1. Your ink level is low or about to get empty
  2. Paper Jam
  3. Empty Paper Tray
  4. The printer is unable to find the connection
  5. Epson printer can’t communicate with PC
  6. Printhead is overheated
  7. The printer fuser gets burnt out

Troubleshooting Epson Printer Blinking Error

Check your printer connection

When your printer is blinking, check for its connection. It occurs when your USB cable is loose. Eject the cable and reconnect it. Now start the printer and check the light. When using the printer on the network, restart the WPS pin. Press the Wi-Fi button on the printer and check for the connection. Once the printer gets connected to the device correctly, it will stop blinking.

Check the printer driver

The printer blinks when it is unable to understand the commands. When you give the command, the driver sends it to the printer. But due to an Epson communication error, the printer can’t understand the command. You have to repair your driver for fixing the printer light issues. Open the computer and go to the Epson driver. Tap on the driver and hit the Update option. When the printer driver gets installed, restart the PC and now check the printer lamp.

For the corrupted printer driver, run driver repair software. You can also reinstall your Epson driver. Remove your corrupted driver and open the Epson website. Go to drivers and install the driver for your Epson printer. Restart the computer and now the printer will start working correctly.

Check the fuser and printhead

The fuser is a crucial part of your printer. But it gets damaged easily. When the user takes lots of printouts continuously, the fuser gets overheated and burnt out. If your fuser is damaged then replace it immediately. Without the fuser, your Epson printer will not work.

The printhead can also get overheated and stop working. You should take a break until the printhead cools down. If you continuously take the printouts, the printhead will also be damaged. Close the Epson printer and wait for some time. When the printhead cools down, go to the computer and give a new command. 

Fix paper jam

On DMPs, paper jamming is common. Your printer can get into a jam often. You can get this error on other printer models also. If the printer lamp is blinking due to paper jam then close the printer and open the top lid. Check the rollers for paper chunks. If the rollers are stuck due to junk or paper chunks then remove them immediately. After fixing the paper jam, your Epson printer will start working correctly.

Check your paper tray

Sometimes the user forgets to check the printer’s paper tray. If you give a print command but the paper tray is empty then your device will get into error and start blinking. Pause the printing process and then insert pages on the Epson printer paper tray. Resume the process and your device will start printing sufficiently.

Run printer troubleshooter

Many devices, like Windows, provide inbuilt troubleshooting tools. When your Epson printer is not working correctly, try running the troubleshooter. Open the settings page and go to the troubleshooter. Check the options and tap on the Printer. Click on the Run button and your troubleshooter will start searching for the pages or files which are causing the error. After completing the troubleshooting process, you can try to take printouts with the Epson device.

Refill your cartridge

If the ink lamp is blinking then check the level. The lamp will blink when the ink is about to get empty. Refill the ink drum and then check the lamp. Some people reported that the lamp is still blinking after refilling the ink. Check the ink monitor, if it shows wrong information then reset it. After resetting, your Epson-related error will get fixed.