Resole your old Climbing shoes

The best option for climbers to repair their shoes is resoling of the shoes. You can easily find the people in your local gym, who are using resoled pair of shoes. These are not the person who is using these shoes only in regular wear, but they also take for the climbing purpose. With two to three time resoled shoes, they reach their destination without any trouble.  Some shoes are difficult to repair because they are overused. The shoes with fix holes in the upper layer of leather are not easily fixable. The worn out shoes that are easily fixable are the replacement of rubber sole.

However, you will find some people who use to take a new pair of shoes on worn out shoes. While, some believe to use worn out shoes, for gym purpose only. This is not a correct way to handle your shoes. For stubby cuts in the shoes, you don’t need to go for new shoes. The apt solution of this kind of the problem is to go for resole climbing shoes.

 Pros of resoling shoes

  • The resoling of the shoes can cost you less. However, the cost resole climbing shoes depends upon the damages in the shoes.
  • By providing new sole to the old shoes, you can saves the environment.
  • It can be a good option if you are on a budget and don’t want to disturb your monthly budget. You can easily go for one resoling of your climbing shoes. By doing so, you can experience the resoling shoes.

Cons of resoling

  • The climbing shoes become rough, after one or two use. The things that make it more awful is the sweating of your feet. The sweat feet sometimes become the home of the germs. This germ travels with you in the whole journey and causes serious disease.
  • The worn out shoes are smelly and fungus traps, so why not to opt for the new pair of shoes.
  • Sometimes, it happens that your shoes fit well before resoling and after resole climbing shoes you can face problem in the fitting of the shoes.
  • Resole climbing shoes is a little bit long process and in case, you want them in quick turnaround time then it may take you in trouble.
  • The Resoling of climbing shoes is not a common process and that’s why it is not available at the entire place.