Residential Rubbish Removal: Waste Management During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The waste and recycling industry is one of the most affected industries by the Covid-19 pandemic. With the majority of people working from home, the industry has reported a significant increase in residential waste. Even statistics confirm that some cities in the world have recorded an increase as high as 50% in residential garbage. This is too high and if not contained, the world will be dealing with yet another crisis very soon. And this is a risk we cannot afford to take.

  • So what does this mean?

If we want to come out victorious, we have to fight this crisis without creating another. In this case, it means protecting ourselves against the virus while protecting the environment from the garbage. Away Today Rubbish Removal Bondi understands the risks of poor waste management. They go out of their way to ensure everything that can be recycled, is recycled, minimising the environmental impacts your rubbish is having on the planet – all the while ensuring your safety and protecting your home. But they cannot win this war without your help. That’s why you must first take advantage of their cheap rubbish removal services to help them help you.

That said, there are three things you must do to ensure the effective management of waste. These are:

  • Putting All Your Trash in Sealed Plastic Bags:

To reduce the risk of transmission, waste collectors cannot afford to go collecting trash from the ground, dumpster, or any cans. For this reason, do not throw your trash all over the place. Instead, make sure that you secure it in tightly sealed plastic bags. By doing so, you will not only be protecting the garbage collectors but also protecting yourself and the world at large.

  • Ensuring the Proper Management of Recyclable Waste:

Recyclable waste pertains to a type of rubbish that you can reuse, recycle, or recover. People usually sort recyclable waste such as scrap metal, bottles, plastics, cans, glass, and paper. 

One of the best ways to control the spread of the coronavirus is by cleaning your hands and any other contact surfaces. Strange as it may be, this includes the cleaning of recyclable waste. These wastes end up in landfills or recycling organizations; thus, dumping them without disinfecting can further spread germs or viruses to their endpoints. So before dumping your waste in the recycle bin, take your time to clean it. And if you do not have enough space to fit all your waste, contact your waste service provider to get a bigger bin. You can choose a residential rubbish removal company that can help with the proper recyclable waste management, such as the City Waste Rubbish Removal London. By all means, do not litter.

  • What if Someone in Your Household is Infected?

Waste management is not just about helping the garbage collectors help you. It is also about you helping yourself. If one of your household members is infected, you are all at risk of catching and spreading the coronavirus.

If you are handling trash from an infected person, Zero Waste Group suggests to double-bag it and ensure that the bag is completely sealed. Below is a list of other things you should do to ensure that you are even more secure handling this kind of waste.

  • Ensure that you only provide a lined trash can to the ill person and always use gloves to handle their trash.
  • Wash your hands immediately after disposing of the trash from an ill person.
  • Be sure to change all the trash cans with gloves, masks, tissues, and kleenex every day.
  • Put bags containing trash in a safe place where no one or anything will bother them.
  • Wait for at least 72 hours to take the bags out for collection.
  • Dispose of all the recyclable items used by the infected person.
  • If you experience signs of illness, do not dispose of your trash in communal garbage areas until you test negative for coronavirus. Alternatively, wait for 72 hours to dispose of your trash.

If you’re self-isolating because you suspect COVID infection, it’s crucial to double bag cleaning cloths and tissue paper. Do not open or allow children or pets to go near to the garbage bags.

If you have communal bins, check the guidelines before putting trash bags inside the rubbish bins. Never put the bags in recycling bins. Instead, put garbage bags inside the bins at the same collection point for assisted trash collection. Don’t leave the trash bags on the side of the street or containers to prevent the risk of coronavirus transmission.

Keep updated with the latest news through the Public Health England (PHE). Learn more about proper waste management during the pandemic at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). These government agencies can help in keeping your family safe from coronavirus transmission.

As an individual, these are the things you need to do to help make the world a better place for you and others. And what is the waste industry doing?

With your help and support, the waste and recycling industry is planning to:

  • Employing more Work Personnel:

The accumulation of garbage in residential areas is one of the biggest challenges facing the waste industry right now. And especially because of the shortage of work personnel, the work has been more than they can handle. To try and solve this problem, the waste industry in so many countries has decided to hire more people to cover more ground. with more employees, it will now be much easier and faster to manage the accumulation of waste in the residential areas.

  • Create a Steady Communication with the People:

To be effective, the waste industry plans to involve the people in whatever they are doing. This means informing them of all the services they are offering as well as giving them an early warning in case of any changes. The aim is to ensure the industry and the people work together without conflict or misunderstandings.

Management of waste is one of the most important things in the world. And now during the COVID-19, waste management is even more important than it has ever been before. By taking responsibility for your waste, you are one step closer to victory.

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