Residential Roof Maintenance Tips for Springtime

You need to maintain your home roof throughout the year, so that it lasts for many years to come. But, you need to take special care during the spring and winter season. In this post of mine, we’re going to discuss the tips and checklist for Springtime Roof Maintenance. It can help identify the problem at the onset, and take preventive measures for arresting it. Here in Huntington Park, CA, there are roofing contractors that can help you in this endeavor, and fix any roof related problems with considerable ease. In fact, they have a team of trained roofers with huge project experience in this city. So, let’s go through the Springtime Roof Maintenance Checklist, as mentioned below for a better understanding of the work process.

1. Inspect & Check

At least twice a year, go for checking the roof structure, surface, framework and material. Look for these problems:

  • Missing, crumbled & broken Asphalt shingles, tiles & slates.
  • Damaged or broken drip edge.
  • Loose, uprooted or blown-away flashing material.
  • Improper fitted, loose or missing fasteners, bolts & screws.
  • Clogged & blocked gutter pathways.
  • Dirt, leaves and water accumulation in the gutter.

2. Regularly Clean the Gutters

You need to hire one of the expert roofing contractors in Huntington Park, CA, to check and clean the gutters that get blocked due to leaves, foliage, dirt and silt accumulation. Especially, after a storm or rain when there’s the maximum chance of water blockage. If the water stays for a long period, the roof gets damaged and pores or holes develop on the surface.

3. Trimming Tree Branches

Just before the arrival of any storm, try calling a roofer in Huntington Park, CA, and trim the branches of all nearby trees that can cause considerable damage to your roof, or to your house.

4. Inspect for Moss & Algae Growth

  • You can help prevent the formation or growth of moss & algae by doing the following things.
  • Clean all the debris and foliage on the roof.
  • Keep your attic, properly ventilated.
  • Trim all the overhead tree branches that are hanging over your roof.

5. Check the Insulation

You also need to properly check the attic insulation material after some time. Having a proper insulation and ventilation mechanism in your home attic, can keep your roof in good health for a longer time, without requiring any major roof repair, roof replacement or surface maintenance work that can cost huge.

So, these are the small things that you need to keep in mind while going for a Springtime Roof Maintenance, as that can help keep the roofing material, overall structure and the wooden framework in good condition, throughout the year. A thorough inspection before and during the Spring season can help the roof to stay clean and intact, unmindful of the prevailing weather conditions. So, consult a roofing expert in town!