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Stink bug control can be a daunting challenge and it has proven to be a lot more complicated than what we already know. The reason for this is based on a number of factors based on a recent residential pest exterminator services Phoenix AZ data:

1) Stink bugs are not native to the North American continent. Whatever information we have on their behavior and traits in this habitat is based on a mere 2 decades worth of combined data. The need for further study of what makes this particular species of insect tick, within its native habitat of southeastern Asia.

2) In the food chain, stink bugs have no history with certain predators that would attack and feed off of them. The United States has seen explosive population growth in terms of the sheer number of stink bugs that being born and are thriving annually.

In adult stink bugs that are not being hunted, there is a means whereby nature is keeping their population intact.

3) Stink bugs are known for their ability to give off a pungent odor as a self-defensive mechanism whenever they are attacked or threatened. This makes the task of eliminating stink bugs to be anything but easy. Why is this?

â—Ź First off, the odor is remarkably pungent enough so as to drive away and repulse most people and most members of the animal and insect kingdoms.

â—Ź Secondly, this foul odor that they emanate is by no means subtle. It can be extremely overpowering, especially when many stink bugs are being threatened at once, and are all giving off that odor simultaneously.

â—Ź The odor can penetrate your clothes, on your skin, fabrics, furniture, and everything else. Unfortunately, this odor is by no means easy to remove. Removing the odor takes a Herculean effort of deliberate scrubbing with plenty of soap in order to get rid of that smell successfully.

Certain methods of stink bug control, in many circumstances, can differ from that of how you might deal with the problem of some other usual household insect infestation, be it mice, ants, roaches, and such.

In some cases, scooping up a stink bug with a paper towel might be possible. But, do not forget the stench with which the stink bug can let out and it can permeate onto the paper towel to your fingers.
If you want to try some other approach without having to deal with the pungent odor, you may do the following:

1. Sneak up behind the stink bug using a bagless hand-held vacuum cleaner, sucking the insect instantly into the debris chamber. This bug still gives off its odor, but within the confines of the vacuum, and stays there.

2. There are many different types of baits and traps you can set up to lure these bugs.
For example, armed with a little bit of info about these bugs, you might have already learned that stink bugs are herbivores, meaning, they feed off of the juices found within various vegetables, plants, and fruits and vegetables.

So if you could lay out a piece of, say, plant or vegetable as bait, you can then set a bait that instantly traps the bug when it comes to feeding off of it.

Or, you can set up a light trap that zaps the bug when it approaches the light.

That, or you can set up a trap using adhesive flypaper and other bugs that are already stuck to it.

It has been observed by entomologists that this particular species of insect emits an aggregation pheromone, which attracts other bugs of the same species to come and join with it.

So if you have one stink bug onto a piece of flypaper, then it may be able to attract others toward where it is, and consequently, get stuck on the adhesive flypaper as well.

You may want to check your kitchen for some household products that can be of use in warding off these bugs. The most common household item is the dishwashing liquid that comes in a spray bottle. That said, it has become widely known and accepted that dishwashing liquid is dangerous, if not lethal, to stink bugs.

Simply spray in generous amounts directly onto their belly. The chemical compounds in dishwashing liquid cause bugs to writhe frantically in pain until it succumbs to paralysis and eventually, to their demise.

You can also rely on pesticide sprays that are commercially available in supermarkets and hardware shops.

But, due to the pesticides’ hazardous content, this would have to be purely a means of last resort, which would only be used in the most extremely challenging of circumstances caused by these bugs.

If you suffer from a severe stink bug infestation, and you need to eradicate them en masse, then residential pest exterminator services might be the best option for you.

This also applies to farms and gardens.

If you own a farm and understand the risks of losing your crops to stink bugs, then a pesticide solution may be the best solution —- only done by a professional pest control service.

Additionally, in the case of gardens and farms wherever feasible, you should seriously weigh the options of placing and using an insect-proof net over your crops.

Or, store as much of your crops within a greenhouse as safely and securely possible, in which there are no other known insects.

It should be an immaculate environment, where these bugs are not already present, have not already been there before, and which would not be likely to attract any more additional bugs.