Residential Addiction Therapy – What to expect?

Dealing with substance use disorder and making up the mind for seeking ultimate help is not an easy thing to do. But once you enter the inpatient Rehab facility, you will be at ease to put your step forward on way to a healthy controlled sober lifestyle. There are several programs introduced by Rehab centers Los Angeles that offer specifically designed individualized plans to meet the needs of every single person. This may include;

  • One-one-one treatment
  • Indication-based therapies
  • Complete methods of recovery

The plan of treatment is developed according to the mental and physical conditions of the person and reviewed and standardized from time to time to ensure the right treatment for the right diagnosis. It doesn’t follow the same approach for everyone. These programs use specified protocols of the treatment for substance abuse disorder and mental ailments. These factors are helpful to develop an effective and long-term personalized residential practice that is developed particularly for you.

Residential possibilities

When you register yourself in any of the programs offered by the Recovery corps, your healing process will begin. The in-patient rehab center is heaven on earth for the addiction, where you can learn about the importance of wellbeing. Following are the best possible options offered by these programs to every individual on a personalized basis;

  • Pharmacological Detoxification 

 Long-term drug addiction results in the accumulation of harmful toxins in the body system. It is recommended to use medications for the detoxification process. The personalized and safe detoxification is directed under the strict supervision of the medical personnel at the rehab centers. 

  • Initial Care

The programs offered by rehab centers like Recovery corps Los Angeles are developed according to your body needs and are specifically offered to a small group of people at a time. Facilities offered are: 

  • Detoxification,
  • Behavioral and mental health analysis
  • Progressive therapies
  • One-on-one therapy


  •  Ongoing Care

The ruthlessness of drug abuse disorder and mental ailments vary indefinitely. In most of the events, the initial care is enough for the person to regain mental and physical stability. On the other hand, if the feelings for craving are intense then long-term treatment is required. To cope up with such a situation, ongoing care option is available that is used to focus on the underlying health and emotional problems which hinder the smooth recovery process.

  • Prolonged Care

This type of treatment is designed for out-patient care when you leave the residential therapy. This is used to aid in coping with the changes happening while moving from unhealthy life to a sober and smooth lifestyle. This offers curriculum including; 

  • Complete guidelines
  • One-on-one therapy
  • Life expertise
  • Handling situations
  • Good relationships
  • Career counseling
  • Personal grooming


  • Autonomous Living

Many rehab facilities offer independent living programs, which usually consist of a small group of people. Autonomous living is developed in such a way that helps you to organize yourself according to the changes happening as a result of the treatment. This will lead your way towards a permanent healthy lifestyle. It becomes easier to find your real self by living in a hassle-free and sound living area.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Addiction, Binge drinking, and drug abuse are most often associated with other disorders as well. Most probably, such conditions are linked with ongoing mental illness. This is termed the Dual-diagnosis.

These underlying disorders are mostly indicated as the actual reason behind the beginning of addiction. But in some cases, they are just the side effects of the substance use disorder as alcohol or other drugs trigger the brain to behave differently leading to mental disabilities. Multiple significant analysis of each situation is done at the rehab centers to deal with the dual diagnosis and mental illnes

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