Researching web design as a service

User research is important to the web design process because it guarantees that you’re creating an experience that’s relevant to your targeted market. Start by using research to get as close as possible to your users. Initially don’t think too much about how the service is currently working. You need to think more in terms of what added value the end user will be sure to get off of what it is you are going to be able to offer and also deliver.

Make sure you get above the page fold

Whether or not there is still such a thing as the fold is part of a heated debate. Some say that because of the multitude of screen sizes these days, the fold doesn’t matter anymore. Others have a different opinion. However, the fact is that even in 2018, people spend 57 percent of their time above the fold with a sharp decline afterwards. 74 percent of their time is dedicated on the first two screenfuls. Any Bristol web design agency will back this all up.

Assess the visual cues

One of the main functions of web design is to guide users. You can do that by giving different weight to different elements, thereby directing focus where you want it to go. However, you can also use more direct visual cues to achieve this. One is by taking advantage of the fact that humans tend to look in the same direction as people they see in ads. direct visual attention Notice how in the image above, more people are reading the text the baby is gazing at then when the baby was looking at the camera? This is a real thing and you can use this to direct attention on your site where you want it most.

However, you don’t have to be that subtle about steering visitor attention. Sometimes it helps to be blunt about it. For example, in one study, researchers tested the effects mentioned above against a simple arrow pointing at stuff.

Keep researching

Before embarking on a web design project, ask yourself who are my targeted audience? What products does my business offer and how are they useful to my audience? This is where design research comes into play. The most impactful websites are not the ones that look beautiful; they are the ones that help people solve real life problems. Website design research will help you come up with interesting and innovative ideas that will help you engage your audience in unique ways. Remember, the longer the visitors stay on your website, the higher the chances that they will turn into loyal customers. So it is important that you build a website that holds the visitors for a long time.

Overall what you need to be sure to know

Research might sound daunting, but without the right amount of successful research prior to web design, it is almost impossible to offer your customers exactly with what they are looking for. You may employ your in-house team to perform the design research or hire professionals. In today’s customer-centric world it is important to showcase products and services in a way that is most acceptable. In order to achieve this, research is a must.

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