Request for joining telegram community and channel

Welcome to the Telegram Community! We are a group of people who believe in the power of cryptocurrency and technology. We want to show you how easy it is for you to use crypto and how much fun it can be. Join our community today!

Why Join?

Telegram(Telegram下载) is the best place to communicate with the community. It’s a great way to stay in touch with the community and get help if you need it.

-It’s a great place to get the latest news, tips, and tricks. -It’s a great place to get help with the app. -It’s a great place to get help with the website.

How to join?

-Search for the community in the telegram search bar

-Click on the community name

-Click on join group

-Click on Link, then click “Install” or “Open” depending on your device (iPhone/Android, etc)

-After installing the app, click “Allow” for all permissions required by our site before opening it up and logging in using your Telegram credentials (*Note: If you are not sure of those credentials yet check out this guide first!) Upon doing so, you will see a welcome message from us welcoming you to our Community!

Request Submissions

If you are interested in joining our Telegram community, please submit the following:

-Name of community you want to join

-Your Telegram username (in case we need to reach out)

We will not accept any requests that meet the following requirements:

I-Not an English native speaker. We are an international community where English is spoken. If you do not speak English as your first language and would like to join our channel then please wait until we have an official translation team available before applying again. Please submit a request to be added when this happens!

-Not in the correct format – When submitting your application using this form please fill out all fields with valid information (i.e., name, username). The other fields are optional but appreciated 🙂

Rule 1

As a part of our community, here are some rules you should follow:

-No spamming or trolling. You can only post things relevant to our channel and community. If you’re not sure what’s allowed, please ask!

-NSFW content is not allowed in any way, shape, or form. This includes links to NSFW websites, images (including memes), videos, etc.

-Links to other communities are also not permitted here unless they’re related to ours (for example, if I wanted my co-workers at [company] to join the telegram group because we do everything together for fun).

-Asking for upvotes on Reddit posts is forbidden; this includes posts about your content as well as others. We won’t tolerate it either way! The same goes for donations – It isn’t necessary because we have enough members who aren’t just there for the money but genuinely care about helping each other out!

Rule 2

As a member of the Telegram community(Telegram平台), you must abide by the following rules:

-No spamming.

-No pornography.

-No political discussion. (the channel is to promote your business and not to discuss politics)

-No religious discussion. (the channel is to promote your business and not to discuss religion)

-No discussion of illegal activities, hacking, or viruses/phishing scams/scams in general as this will get you banned from the group immediately and reported for breaking our terms of service on Telegram.

Rule 3

Rule #3:

-Don’t spam. This includes posting the same content multiple times in a row, posting the same comment to multiple channels or users, and otherwise abusing the platform’s capabilities.

-Don’t post in the wrong channel or group. You’ll get banned if you’re caught doing this.

-Don’t use profanity (or any other language considered inappropriate for general consumption). It won’t be tolerated here either! We have children on our channel!

-Don’t advertise your business unless you are invited to do so by an admin or moderator of this community/channel; if you think it would be beneficial for others to know about your company, please email us before proceeding with such posts so that we can discuss how best to proceed from there.

-Do not post anything NSFW (aka Not Safe For Work), which is deemed as material that could offend someone else’s sensibilities or sensibilities of those who happen upon it by accident (e.g., adult images/videos). These posts will not be tolerated under any circumstances whatsoever!

-Do not post content unrelated to topics discussed within this group/community; while we encourage lively debate among members here on everything from politics down through sports teams and even movies/TV shows, it should still focus on topics related specifically back toward matters concerning how best both personal users themselves might improve their lives via education programs available today through various online portals like ours here at [NAME OF COMPANY].

Rule 4

Please do not spam, flood, or engage in any of the following:

-NSFW content.


-Asking for upvotes or donations.

-Any kind of personal information like phone number and email address.

-Impersonating someone else’s channel/community with the intent to scam members, steal reputation and gain followers. This includes creating channels that resemble other channels to trick people into joining them, even if they are not directly named as such (e.g., “official telegram channel”). You may also not copy another person’s username on Telegram or any other platform without their permission, which includes but is not limited to usernames like “Telegram official group” or “Telegram official support”.

Rule 5

-Rule 5: This is a community for everyone. We welcome all ages and demographics, just don’t spam or be inappropriate.

We want to get to know you! So if you are interested in joining our Telegram channel and community, please fill out this form below and we will contact you shortly.

: If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the email address below. Thank you!

This is a community for everyone and we would love for you to join

In the interest of keeping our community safe, we request that you join by following these steps:

-Click this link:

-If a popup comes up asking if you want to open the file, select “Keep” and it should work!

-If you don’t see an option for downloading Telegram, or for opening the file, download it first from here.

-Once installed, open Telegram and click “Start” to begin chatting!

Finally, let’s summarize

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

Title of post: Telegram Community Request Text: We are looking for members who can join our telegram community and channel. To join the community and channel, you will need to verify your account by providing an email address, phone number, and location where you live. Please provide your email address, phone number, and location when replying to this message. You will receive an email invite from our Telegram bot which has all the instructions needed on how to join our community and channel.