Replicas vs Authentic Sneakers: Pros and Cons of Each

Replica sneaker or authentic sneaker, which is the best? I often ask this question since I am a shoe collector – people ask me that question and ask for my opinion. So, I thought it would be better to discuss this topic with all the aspects in consideration and determine the winner.

Let’s start with the definition of both types of sneakers. The authentic sneaker is the real deal – the original and genuine branded sneaker that the brand manufactures. On the other hand, replica sneakers are the copy of the original branded sneakers with almost the same quality as the original.

Replica vs Authentic Sneakers

Replica and authentic, both types of sneakers are great, and they are quite different from each other. The difference may be minor and hard to notice, but they have differences, which are:

1. Price

When talking about replica sneakers and authentic sneakers, the first thing that makes them different is the price. Yes, those sneakers have a huge difference in terms of price.

Let’s consider Air Jordan sneakers; the authentic sneaker costs a couple of hundred dollars to thousand dollars. But the replica sneakers cost a few hundred dollars, not more than $200. The price difference is the only factor that motivates sneaker enthusiasts to choose the reps.

2. Materials

The second most crucial thing that differentiates reps and authentic sneakers is the materials used to manufacture the sneakers. The real branded sneakers use the highest quality materials that are durable and comfortable.

However, reps use over 90% of the original shoe DNA. The material is not the same as the reps used on the authentic ones. The lowest-grade reps pack poor-quality materials that don’t match the real shoe material. Additionally, some top-grade reps use the same material with minor flaws to avoid copyright.

3. Quality

The quality of the authentic sneaker is beyond comparison to the reps. That’s because surely the branded sneaker will win if the reps consider the quality.

Though reps possess almost the same quality, reps still have dew flaws – it doesn’t matter how small they are. So, authentic sneaker wins the race no matter what top-grade rep you are talking about.

4. Design

The design of the authentic sneaker is surely stunning, and design is one of the factors that make the authentic sneaker demandable. On the other hand, reps also have the same design only if the reps are top-grade.

Replica sneakers are available in many grades, top to lowest. If you buy top-grade reps, it would be hard for people to notice the design flaws, which are next to none. But the lowest grade reps are so poor in design that anyone, even a child, can tell the difference.


In the race to be the best, the authentic sneaker always wins the race for being the real one. But a top-grade rep always has a high demand than the authentic one. That’s because the top-grade rep offers the same quality at a very low price. And if you favor reps, you should from a trusted retailer like Chan-Sneaker. Read more..