Repair Your Water Damage iPhone

You all have probably experienced water damaged iPhone. It’s one of the most regular and common reasons people go for professional and experienced phone repair services. Before you attempt to try incorrect online DIY repair techniques or think you have to purchase a brand new phone, have a specialist and expert at The Fix to check the possible harm or damage to see if it can be fixed or repaired. 

iPhone Screen Repair

You should first separate the phone from the water as soon as possible. The longer it stays there, the more water or liquid will leak into the cracks and holes. Once it’s out, there are some things you require to do right away.

What is Water Damage?

Water damage occurs when your iPhone has a straight or direct impact on water or moisture. This usually happens from dropping your phone into a shower pool or after taking your phone into the bathroom while showering. Water harm or damage is one of the most common problems that phone users will eventually have to deal with. If you get the right iPhone repair services, your phone can be saved from water damage.

What Not To Do

  • Do not turn it on
  • Do not try to charge it
  • Do not touch or press any buttons or keys
  • Do not shake or tap the phone
  • Do not blow on it. This could send water into other inside parts of the phone causing more damage.

Typical Indications Of Water Damage

LDI (Liquid Damage Indicator) is the easiest and simplest technique to check water damage. 

Other common indications include the battery failing to hold a charge or the complete loss of the capacity to charge at all.

Some less noticeable indications include screen malfunctioning, the inability to hear music through the headphone jack or being unable to power-on your phone. 

If you have seen any of these symptoms, do not waste any more time because they can worsen. Specialists or experts at TheFix will be qualified to perfectly diagnose the problem and fix or repair any damage before it becomes to the point of being irrecoverable.

Is DIY iPhone Fixes Or Repairs Work?

If you search online you can get all kinds of DIY fixes or repairs ranging from practical to obscured solutions, but does this work? Some people try to repair their phone at home by doing many things like cold air hair dryers to dry the phone, cover a phone in rice or soaking a phone in alcohol. 

But these DIY repairs can damage your phone completely. So it is recommended that you should always go to an expert and professional shop to repair your iPhone.

If you’ve dropped your phone in water or dropped a glass of water over your phone, just give your phone to TheFix as they provide the best phone repair services. Their services are also budget-friendly. Whether you need iPhone screen repair, computer repair or any other, TheFix is a one-stop solution.