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At first sight, the value of a weighbridge may not immediately come to mind. However, a weighbridge is an important piece of equipment.

Theft at truck scales costs companies around the world billions of dollars in losses. Learning a few important points about weighbridges can help you keep profits from thieves and in your company’s bank account.

For the ultimate weighbridge guide for beginners, keep reading.

A Closer Look at the Purpose of a Weighbridge

Manufacturers construct weighbridges using concrete, steel, or a combination of both materials. A commercial weighbridge is a large device that measures the weight of items that measure in the tons. These items may include trucks and their cargo.

For example, an electronic weighbridge system can enable a company to measure a vehicle load. Companies use this measurement to charge customers accordingly.

In general, the concept of a weighbridge is straightforward. However, the technology behind today’s weighbridges is quite complex.

Accuracy is one of the most important characteristics of a weighbridge. If you charge customers using an inaccurate weighbridge, you may lose considerable profits.

Alternatively, you may overcharge customers, resulting in dismal customer satisfaction. In a worst-case scenario, you could lose business or even face litigation.

The Weights & Measures Act regulates bridge operator-owners. It holds owners responsible for ensuring that their equipment remains legal for trade. If you own a weighbridge that doesn’t meet this standard, you may find that you’re held accountable.

At the least, an inspector can shut down your weighbridge until you have it calibrated. During the closure, you’ll lose business and the confidence of your clientele.

Why Weighbridge Quality Matters

While your electronic weighbridge must produce accurate measurements, it must also do so for an extended time. Accordingly, it’s important to invest in a reliable weighbridge.

For this reason, it’s vital to invest in a weighbridge system that can withstand harsh environments. It must also withstand industrial conditions.

As you consider weighbridge options, it’s important to evaluate the quality of each system’s design. A premium weighbridge system minimizes errors, downtime, and repairs.

It’s vital to choose a supplier that provides weighbridge and scale services. For example, it’s highly beneficial to find a company that provides weighbridge maintenance.

The supplier that you choose should also perform weighbridge calibration. While you search for weighbridges for sale, you can evaluate supplier services.

Within a weighbridge system, load cells perform weight measurement. A load cell is a highly accurate device that is the foundation of any advanced weight measurement system.

Manufacturers bond strain gauges to precisely machined elements to create a load cell. Once assembled, a weighbridge load cell can convert even a small amount of resistance to a measurable electronic signal. Next, the weighbridge system will filter, calibrate, and convert that signal to an LCD screen.

A compression load cell is the most common choice for supporting weighbridge measurements. It’s important to choose a weighbridge system with a high-quality load cell. An inferior or poorly calibrated load cell leads to poor performance, failures, and revenue losses.

How a New Weighbridge Can Improve Your Operation

A weighbridge can help you to simplify complex problems involving weighing bulk goods. It can also help you to enforce credit controls at weighbridge locations.

Today’s advanced weighbridge systems can also help you authorize and check documents for invoicing. As an example, you can program a weighbridge system to convert weight measurements into invoices.

A weighbridge system enables fast and easy data entry. You can easily requisition a customized weighbridge data entry system. For example, you can equip a weighbridge system with a kiosk and a touchscreen interface for either drivers or employees.

Using a weighbridge software program, you can review invoices and drill down to the original weighing document. You can also access real-time management data.

Furthermore, you can use a weighbridge software system to enforce access controls. With this part of the system, you can limit which employees have access to sensitive information.

You can also use today’s weighbridge software systems to control workflow. For example, you can create a form with mandatory fields.

Additionally, you can use a weighbridge software system to schedule the reporting of test results. You can also schedule regular automated reporting of hauling tonnage.

Creating a Weighbridge Ticket

An electronic weighbridge serves an important function. As an example, it can ensure that commercial vehicles do not enter public roadways while carrying too much cargo. If you’ve never used a weighbridge, the process is relatively straightforward.

An employee will begin the transaction. They’ll ask a driver to proceed onto the platform without turning or braking sharply. Next, weighbridge personnel will make sure that the vehicle has come to a stop at a location that’s completely on the platform.

Here, the driver’s tires must not come in contact with any obstructions. If the truck tires rest on another structure, the weighbridge results will prove inaccurate.

Also, weighbridge personnel will request that the driver exit the vehicle and scale. Now, the weighbridge operator can weigh the vehicle and record the gross weight. This weight is that tare weight of the load.

Now, the driver can proceed to their destination. The driver will then return for a second weighing. The weighbridge operator must include the original tare weight on the measurement ticket.

The weighbridge operator will then subtract the tare mass from the gross mass of the second weighing. They’ll then record that measurement on the ticket. This procedure allows companies to charge drivers accordingly.

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