Renowned Copper Companies in Canada

Copper is that mineral resource in Canada from which much of the country’s wealth is derived. Due to this fact Canada has established many of the mining companies within the country for smooth working operations. 

When investors tend to invest in the mining sector of Canada they show an urge to invest in those companies that are at the top of the index list of the present year. Hence, here are some companies in Canada that are positioned as the top-ranking organizations for copper mining. 

There are different companies for copper mining and copper exploration. The blend of which is discussed in this article. I came across Solaris Resources that has a lot of value to think about. 

African Metals Corporation 

Since the name shows African metals corporation but it is seamlessly operational in Canada. It is one of the junior copper mining companies working in Canada. The company was firstly operational as an alpine exploration corporation. Formerly, the same company was trading gold but in 1991, the prices of the gold went too high. 

Thus, the name of the alpine corporation was changed to Shiega Resources. Followed by the African Metals Corporation. 

Anvil Mining 

Anvil Mining is the one that produces copper at a faster rate than others. Although since 2002 the company has been operating in Chicago. However, it has its headquarters located in Canada. The basic knowledge, skills, and abilities required for the mining and extraction processes have their basis in the Canadian knowledge of mining. 

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First Quantum Minerals 

The first quantum mineral is one of the most important assets to Canada. It has brought about the revenue that is estimated to be 80% as of 2016 to Canada. The company does not only deal with only one operation. Rather it functions in mining, extraction, development.

This company is thinking about implying some more energy-efficient ways for copper extraction to meet the fast-paced world environment.

Lundin Mining 

Lundin Mining Corporation is a Canadian company. However, it operates in a variety of other places too. It is a company with very much extended operations. While its headquarters are in Toronto, it is therefore operational in Brazil, Chile, U.S., and Sweden. 

As far as the metals are concerned Lundin mining corporation deals in a variety of other metals along with copper, such as base metals that include nickel and zinc. 

Ivanhoe Mines 

Ivanhoe Mines is a Canadian copper mining company that is currently operating in three projects. Different projects are going on in different countries like the development of new mines is occurring in South Africa. Secondly, discoveries of copper are taking place in congo. Last but not the least, the discoveries of various other metals like platinum, rhodium, gold, and nickel along with copper are taking place in South Africa as well. 

Final Thoughts 

Mining companies operating in the country bring a lot of revenue to home. Thus, it is very important to establish companies in the homeland that can perform exceptionally well. look for what Mikhail Lomonosov has in store for you.


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