Renovation – How To Renovate Properly

The thought of a renovation is often a concern for many homeowners and property buyers. Because fears that modernization measures will become a bottomless pit are not entirely unfounded. The danger is particularly great ifthe building fabric and the weak points of the house are randomly and blindly modernized without a professional assessment. You need a professional like remodeling contractor des moines for example.

A Solid Inventory Should Be Made Before Renovation

To ensure that the renovation of a house does not become a chain of endless individual measures, the priority should always be an inventory and advice from an expert. With their help and knowledge, it is essential to work out a meaningful modernization schedule. Even if not everything can be tackled when renovating, individual measures should always serve the overall goal to avoid unnecessary costs later. The question is: what must be given special attention?

Check Moisture In Components

Damp basements, walls, or ceilings are common in old houses. The cause research and the necessary renovation and sealing measures belong in the hands of the specialist. Roof coverings, rain gutters, and downpipes that are no longer functional are common causes. Also, no longer effective or even missing seals of the components in contact with the ground can trigger this. In extreme cases, moisture present in components over a long period can lead to undesirable and expensive consequential damage such as mold and sponge infestation.

Pay Attention To Static Conditions

In the context of the original construction, load-bearing walls in older houses may have been changed. Such deviations from the planning have often not been documented in graphic form. Therefore, be careful: the structural requirements and construction of the building should be checked in detail. The creation of new door openings or breakthroughs in supposedly non-load-bearing walls without static-constructive ones

Measures can lead to considerable damage to the components if they are carried out without knowing such changes. For example, floor ceilings in roof spaces that have not been developed were initially not intended for residential use. In retrofitting the attic, additional room dividing walls and residential use result in higher loads. This can seriously affect their load-bearing capacity.

Design Energy-Saving Measures

The thermal insulation of older houses is usually not sufficient. The requirements for existing buildings by the current Energy Saving Ordinance for reducing CO 2 emissions and saving heating costs must be complied with. Therefore, great importance is attached to the planning and calculation of thermal insulation measures. The structural and physical characteristics of old houses have technical requirements for subsequent thermal insulation of the components. For example, only insulating the facade can initially improve energy consumption. In uninsulated or inadequately insulated component connections and constructions, however, this can result in changes in the physical behavior of the building. This often leads to the entry of moisture from the room air, which is enriched with moisture and consequential damage. Other important points are the water pipes and asbestos. If you discover traces of limescale on valves or the like, it can usually be assumed that the entire water pipe is calcified. If the pipe also rusts, there is a risk of pipe rupture, resulting in high costs. Lead lines, which were often installed in houses from the post-war period, must also be replaced. However, if this building material is weathered, it is extremely dangerous to your health, so be careful when renovating an old house.

It is also important to remember that you are obliged to carry out an energetic renovation based on the Energy Saving Ordinance when you buy an old building. The most important measures to increase energy efficiency include heat-insulating windows, doors, modern heating, and external insulation. For example, you need to replace old boilers that were formerly installed which can be done by remodeling contractor des moines for example.