Renovating Your Bathroom: Where do you begin?

If you want to brighten up your permanent home, enhance your rental return on an investment property, or even increase the value of a house before selling, you should consider a bathroom remodel. Although it is one of the smallest rooms in the house, a bathroom may consume a significant portion of your renovation money. According to a poll published in the Housing Industry Association’s (HIA) Kitchen and Bathroom Remodelling Report in 2018, the average cost of a bathroom renovation in Australia is $17,522. This isn’t much more than the average cost of a new bathroom installation in a new house, which is $16,430, according to the HIA.

How long does it take for a full bathroom renovation?

Thinking about why you want to renovate your bathroom will help you design your new bathroom. Consider what you appreciate about your bathroom and what you want to alter, and then go from there. Bathroom renovations may take anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks to finish the construction stage, and it’s not uncommon for homeowners to spend a month or two gathering ideas, agreeing on a design, and selecting materials and fixtures. A bathroom renovator should be able to work effectively within a homeowner’s timetable and budget.

How to renovate a bathroom on a budget

Like fits, the cost of trades will vary based on what you need done, the size and accessibility of the area, and even your location. It’s no secret that trades in major cities and urban regions tend to be more expensive per hour or per project than trades in rural areas. If you want to update a few cosmetic elements in your bathroom such as fixtures, drawer and cabinet handles, before selling it, it may cost even less. Before delving into costs, you should consider which trades you may require.

If money is an issue, follow the methods below to save a lot on your bathroom makeover.

  • Changing the layout of your bathroom is generally the most expensive since it requires more intricate plumbing work – if you can retain your layout as is, you’ll save a lot of money.
  • Expensive fixtures might also deplete your budget. Stick to the basic range to save money, and pick one pricey “statement” piece to add a touch of sophistication.
  • Install timers on underfloor heating and towel rails to reduce energy costs.
  • Select a contractor with a track record of success. It is common knowledge that builders often provide extremely low quotations in order to undercut their rivals and win the business.

DIY renovations sound intriguing because of the potential cost savings, but there is no assurance that you will get your intended outcome. Furthermore, we frequently see projects that cost far more than they should have when homeowners have to bring in the specialists to rectify a botched DIY effort. We can’t suggest this unless you are a skilled plumber, tiler, and interior designer. Bathroom Renovations Melbourne 

It is generally advisable to engage a remodelling specialist business that can handle the entire process professionally. You will save time and money since you will not have to oversee the project yourself, and you will most likely acquire appliances and fittings at a lower cost than retail. All you’ll have to do is tell the project manager how you want your bathroom to appear and choose from the fixtures, tiles, paint, and appliances they propose.