Renovate or Restore? A Guide for New Homeowners

So, you’ve just bought a home in Sydney that’s a bit well-used. While it’d be nice to think that a fresh coat of paint, some help from commercial carpet cleaning services in Sydney, and it should be good to go, right? Well, not always. Sometimes homes are in need of a lot more work, or perhaps you are just the type who has a particular vision and will make a space fit your needs. You need to decide at that point if it’s time to renovate or whether some of the home features need to be restored.

Many homeowners use the terms renovation and restoration interchangeably when they are totally different. When a homeowner upgrades their driveway, neighbors say that they are renovating their home. The terms renovation and restoration are often used when referring to any home improvement project.

This article will distinguish between renovation and restoration and what you should consider before choosing either of them.


As the name suggests, restoration means restoring to its original state. Think of restore in electronics. When people say they want to restore a phone or laptop, it means taking it back to its original form. The same applies to house restoration. Restoring your kitchen means returning it to its original condition.
There is a lot of effort needed to restore a home. First, the homeowner must analyze the blueprint and figure out the original design and structure of the house. If it’s an old house, the first thing is to look at its photos and determine what needs to be done to restore it.

What happens during restoration? The main activity during rehabilitation is repair works. It includes sealing cracks in walls, refinishing the original flooring and ceiling, and replacing old fixtures with new ones.


Renovation is the most used word when it comes to home improvement projects. Renovation is making a home look newer by incorporating modern designs and fixtures. It means upgrading the main aspects of a house. For instance, homeowners can upgrade their homes by repainting walls., installing molding, replacing old fixtures with modern classic ones, and replacing tiles. Also, replacing an old garage door with an automated one is a perfect example of renovation work.

When renovating a house, contractors don’t pay much attention to how the house looked before. The primary goal is to make the house look newer and enhance its functionality.

Should You Restore or Renovate?

It’s challenging to determine whether a property needs renovation or restoration. The first factor to consider should be the property state; if it’s a historic home, the best option is to restore it. Older houses are only cheaper when they are not associated with a story. Old homes rich in history and culture tend to cost relatively higher than most modern homes in the city.

If your house tells a unique story, it’s imperative to restore it to reserve its rich culture and history. However, restoring old homes is expensive than renovation since materials might not be readily available.

Factors to consider when deciding whether to renovate or restore your home.

Structural Integrity

In some cases, renovation is desirable, especially if there are underlying structural issues that need expensive repairs. If the cost of restoring a house is more than half of that of renovation, then it’s prudent to renovate. Renovating will improve curb appeal and increase the value of your home.

Comparable Home Value

Restoring your home may not make sense, especially if you are looking to sell it in the next five years, not unless it’s a historic home. Renovation might make your home one of the most expensive in your neighborhood if you incorporate unique fixtures.


Renovation can provide a fresh appearance to your living spaces. Suppose the current interior design doesn’t match your living style. In that case, restoration might not be the best thing for you. By working with a renowned contractor, you can alter the structural design of your home to match that of houses in your neighborhood.

However, if some aspects of your home are new but weary, restoring them is the best choice. You can repair broken kitchen cabinets, fix broken windows, and repair defaced tiles.

So many people jump into their home improvement project without considering crucial factors that affect structural integrity, home value, appearance, and functionality. Before deciding whether to renovate or restore, consider the above factors to make an informed decision.

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