Removing Shower Drain Covers

Hairs clogged up on the drain are a common scene in almost every household. Apart from that, after every shower, people usually find themselves standing in a pool of foam and soapy water. This is not a comfortable thing, right? There is a simple solution to this problem- removing the drain cover. 

If you remove the cover, everything accumulating will pass through it, and there will be no clogging. But is removal a feasible option in all cases? Well, you can make that option feasible by knowing how to do it. It’s simple. In this article, we are going to discuss how to remove shower drain covers. Let’s continue reading to find out. 

Pop-Up Drain Covers

Installing some flexible ones is the easiest way to remove the shower drain cover. Any plumber in Bulimba will suggest that Pop-up drain covers are an excellent choice. These can be pulled off straight, while others may require some wiggle work to put them off. In simple words, it is very easy to remove. 

Screw In

Screw-in drain covers are another easy removal option to draw everything out easily. They look like strainers, fixed with some screws. You have to unscrew it with the correct screwdriver when you want to remove it. Make sure you read the instructions manual carefully before you remove it. 

Toe Touch 

According to experts from Cramers Plumbing, toe-touch drain covers are indeed easy-to-use. The name is so appropriate because it can be literally removed with just a touch of the toe. Cleaning them is also easy because all you need to do is remove the screw from an open position and clean it thoroughly. 

Tools Required to Remove Drain Cover

It is possible that the drain covers in your bathroom are not that easy to remove. Still, it is not impossible though. All you need is an appropriate tool to open it. You can open the cover with a utility knife or a needle nose pillar. Otherwise, a flathead screwdriver or a silicone caulk may also work. If none of these works, then you can try spraying some lubricant on it and then try again. Lubricant will make any stuck part lose so that it becomes easy to lift it up from its position, and then any knife or pillar will work fine. If you need to unscrew it, then a proper screwdriver is all you need after spraying the lubricant. 

Unclogg Shower Drain

Removing the cover is the first step. The crucial step is cleaning it so soapy water can pass easily through it. So, make sure you clean the drain properly with all the needed equipment and that all the debris is removed. You can use baking soda and vinegar or bleach to unclog the shower drains. But if you feel it is severely clogged, then call a plumber like Cramers Plumbing to fix it professionally. 

Bottom Line 

Cleaning your bathroom regularly is a healthy practice. Removing shower drain covers and cleaning underneath is an important step of bathroom cleaning, so don’t neglect it.