Remember A Few Do’s and Don’ts While Dating In Paris

Various movies, stories in the novel have created a perception that Paris is a city of love and romance and all young people here are only engaged in expressing their love in public. However, the reality is quite different.

No doubt, people in France do a lot of flirting, as that is in their DNA. However, if you mistake that for romance then you are just fooling yourself.  

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Let us know a few do’s and don’ts if you are planning to do a little dating when you are in Paris. 


  1. Do chase a girl

You should not feel shy to chase a girl as girls like that boys should chase them to find her love. Though, she may not give you any hint in the beginning.

  1. Do wear the impressive dress

French girls like you to see in a beautiful attire. So, are the French boys who like to see their soulmates in a lovely dress.

  1. Do propose while holding a drink

The right time to propose to any girl, especially if she has agreed to meet you a few times will be over the drink by holding her hand and looking at her eyes.

  1. Do socialize to find a date

If you are trying to find your date offline then the best thing will be to socialize. You can get introduced through a certain friend or in a social group. 

  1. Do flirt with a girl

As mentioned before, French people always love flirting and also like to get flirted. So, do not be shy to use the choicest words that sound like flirting.

  1. Do make use of sites and apps

These days, many websites and apps are available in France. Make use of them to find your prospective dates, which is quite easy and convenient too.


  1. Don’t go crazy while texting

Avoid engaging in writing crazy emails or text messages while you are dating as that may not go too well in many cases.

  1. Don’t kiss a girl without taking her permission

Kissing a girl is a very important affirmation of love and hence before kissing her, make sure that she has consented to that.

  1. Don’t be ever surprised if you find a girl talking about certain serious issues

French girls are quite well informed about various social issues and also the political events of the country. They may often take up a very serious topic for discussion and don’t be surprised. 

  1. Don’t proceed if the girl is not interested to meet you again

If the girl has not agreed to meet you again then take it as a signal that she does not like you. You need not pursue the matter further unless she comes back again.