Remarkable places in Georgia – car rental and travel

Georgia is a great country to visit no matter of the season. In summer, you can take a rest on the beaches of the Black Sea and there are some resorts in the mountains to go skiing in winter. Surely there are a lot of interesting places for tourists, especially if you are interested in ancient architecture like medieval castles, monasteries and churches. There are plenty of them almost in any region of this country.

You can reach the destinations you like by public transport but it’s a completely different experience if you are traveling by your own vehicle. Most of the roads in the country are quite good but there are a lot of interesting places which cannot be reached without a 4wd vehicle. The most fascinating sightseeing spots are often high in the mountains and you will need to travel on a country road to get there.

Most likely you won’t be able to take your own car to the country, and the solution will be to rent car in Tbilisi. There are some car rental agencies which can provide good service. I recommend applying to GSS Car Rental company which owns a lot of 4wd vehicles because the reliability of the cars is very high here. GSS has their own repair facility and systematically inspects the vehicles before renting, so you won’t need to worry about the rented car. Besides that, in case of a break down you will get on road support and if the vehicle could not be fixed immediately, the company will provide another one in exchange. For traveling in a company GSS can offer you minivans.

So, before starting your trip it would be a good idea to visit GSS Car Rental website and make a booking. Additionally, you can add an option to deliver a car to the airport in Batumi, Kutaisi or Tbilisi.

A trip to Georgia usually starts from Tbilisi – the capital of the county where you can find a lot of places worth visiting, like museums, ancient monuments and etc. Mainly you can start from visiting Narikala Fortress and maybe taking a natural Sulfur Bath in Abanotubani. These places are in the old town district Ortachala where Tbilisi was founded many years ago.

After Tbilisi, you can start exploring Georgian regions depending on what you are interested in – if you like to go skiing – I can suggest Gudauri and Bakuriani, for swimming and gambling in casinos you can visit Batumi, the best place to taste delicious Georgian cuisine and take a look at famous wine cellars is Kakheti region. Ancient architecture and mysterious cave complexes can be found in Svaneti and Vardzia.

There are very many places to visit in this small country and you will find something interesting almost on every mile in Georgia, so you just need to take a car and start exploring.