Reline a pipe: Is It Worth It?

Have you ever faced a pipe blockage or discovered a broken pipe? No doubt pipes are difficult to repair. In such an emergency is there is a quick need to fix the damage as soon as possible.

Pipe repairs are important but their time-consuming process is really stressful. They are expensive when you are using a traditional repair process which comes with a lot of digging and damage to the land.

This is why we at SEWER PIPE RELINING Sydney advise our clients to opt for the reline pipes method. If you are unsure about what the reline pipe method is, this guide is for you.

What is reline a pipe?

Pipe railing is a technique used by expert plumbers to fix or replace your pipeline without any excessive dig up. It is an excellent alternative to traditional pipe replacement methods and is ideal to fix the structural damage in the interior of pipes with affordable costs.

How it works:

Step one

In the first step, a drain camera is used to insert in the pipeline. This step identifiers and locates the issue.

Step two

After the problem is identified and located a specially designed tube is inserted into the damaged pipe.

Step three

After the tube is being placed accurately, the plumber inflates the tubing so that it strongly fits against the pipe walls.

Step four

Outside of the tube is firmly coated with strong epoxy resin. This epoxy keeps the tube in one place by sticking it to the pipe.

Step five

Epoxy is used to bond the tube with the old pipe. The resin cures the tube from inside and makes the pipe stronger. This bond works as a seamless seal and ensures that you have a long time crack free pipe system.

Advantages of Reline a pipe

Minimal property disturbance

Whether you are planning to reline sewer pipes or ordinary pipes, the main advantage is that there is minimal disturbance to the property. Traditional pipe repair methods work by excessive digging which creates a mess. These processes are not only costly but are time-consuming as well. While the pipe relining method is not only destruction free but also saves you some bucks.

More effective than other pipe fixing methods

In many ways, pipe relining is a better option. The material used in pipe relining is durable and long-lasting. Many reliable manufacturers provide a 35 years warranty on the service. It is because these pipes have a longer lifespan as compared to other conventional methods. This solution frees you from the hassle of frequent pipe repairs. The investment in pipe relining is more rewarding as it lasts for a long time.

Quick turn around

The entire process of pipe relining is really swift. As there is no dig up repair, so you don’t need much time to fix the problem. It can quickly solve the leakage issues in areas where it is difficult to reach. The fast turnaround time of pipe relining keeps the installation cost down. With this solution, you can restore the environment much quicker.

Adds strength

The use of epoxy resin reinforces the whole piping system. It merges two pipes into one single unit. This addition not only eliminates the joints but also strengthens the weak points. The whole process gives the entire piping system a higher level of effectiveness.

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Pipe relining requires experienced and professional plumbers. It is not a do it yourself job. Neither is it a job of newbies as they can cause severe tree root damage.  For more information on sewer pipe relining options, contact the professionals of SEWER PIPE RELINING Sydney today