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Have you ever wondered what DNA is, why is it of so much importance, and where can you get a reliable DNA test in India? Congrats! You are in the right place? Here, you will find an answer to all your questions related to what DNA is, various aspects of DNA testing, its importance, and its applications. This blog will also tell you how and where to get a DNA test in Delhi and a DNA test in India.

What is DNA?

DNA is the abbreviation of Deoxyribonucleic Acid, which is an organic molecule made up of two strands of deoxyribose sugar. These strands are coiled around each other making a double-helical structure. The structure contains millions of nitrogenous base pairs attached to each other with ‘Phospho-diester bonds’. The base pairs are categorized as ‘purines’ and ‘pyrimidines’. Purines are Adenine (A) and Guanine (G), and the Pyrimidines are Thymine (T) and Cytosine (C). A pair with T and G always pairs with C.

DNA carries the genetic information of an individual and is passed into the offsprings equally from both the parents. It means a child receives 50 % of the father’s DNA and 50 % of the mother’s DNA.

What DNA does?
DNA performs two main functions – synthesis of proteins, and coding the genetic information – the latter one is what we will be going after in this blog.

DNA is responsible for the traits of an individual like eye color, body-height, facial features, hair type, skin color, and even the behavioral traits. All this is as a result of the genetic information passed on to the offspring from his/her parents. The same serves as the basis for the biological identification of an individual and hence finds many applications in many different fields.


Importance and Applications of the DNA

The whole world of genetics is based upon DNA and it is crowned as one of the most revolutionary discoveries of the 20th century. DNA testing techniques have been useful in a variety of ways and can give a significant lot of information about a person’s genetic make-up. One can easily find the best DNA test in Delhi, and a DNA test in India by reaching a good accredited DNA testing company.


 The following are a few most common and extensively practiced applications of the DNA and the DNA testing technology:

1. Relationship DNA Tests: 

Relationship DNA tests are used to identify an individual’s biological relationship with another person. These DNA tests can be easily found at a laboratory doing an accredited DNA Test in Delhi and India.

  • Paternity DNA Test
  • Maternity DNA Test
  • Paternity Trio DNA Test
  • Siblingship DNA Test
  • Grandparentage DNA Test

2. Immigration DNA Test:

Immigration DNA tests have now become mandatory in most of the countries for preventing the illegal entry of people across the borders. The immigration departments or embassies may order for a DNA test between the sponsor of the immigration and the applicant to confirm their biological relationship.

3. DNA Tests for Organ Transplant:

Latest Indian laws for organ transplantation procedures have made it mandatory to check the genetic relationship between the live organ donor and the organ recipient, for preventing the trade of human organs. This is an initiative helpful in preventing organ rackets and organ smuggling activities that take root in society.

4. Ancestry DNA Test:

This type of DNA test is intended for providing information about one’s ancestors and may include the regular ancestry or the paternal or the maternal lineage tests. Often people are interested in knowing who their original ancestors were, what was their original ethnicity, etc. For such people, an ancestry DNA test is an answer.

Forensic DNA Test:The DNA serves as a powerful means for the identification of a criminal. Almost every part of the human body can serve as a viable DNA sample, which can be studied in the forensic laboratories, to identify a suspect and a possible criminal. Hair strands, nails, blood, semen, skin fragments, saliva, etc, which are recovered from the crime site can be easily studied in advanced labs, to solve crimes and identify a criminal.

Reliable DNA Testing Services in India

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