Relation between Emotional intelligence and Academic Achievement

In this digital era, we have become slaves of digital gadgets, smartphones, and other technological devices. This has captivated our minds in such a way that we cannot think out of the box anymore.

Knowledge is now only the name of excellent grades and bright marks in examinations or else the student is considered to be a failure.

Not to mention, but we are also imposing this on our young generation indirectly.

Academic achievements, successful marks, a bright A+, and intelligence, this is found to be interrelated with each other and it certainly doesn’t.

Being a teacher or a parent, it is very easy to ask a child to give his 100% in every subject; however, this is the point where we lag horribly.

Emotional intelligence and emotional quotient play a very significant role in the life of a student. His academic achievement or failure impacts his certain emotional stability in various aspects.

To gear you up with what emotional intelligence is, here is a quick review.


Emotional intelligence also known as emotional quotient- EQ is the ability and skill to understand, manage, and use your own emotions in positive and constructive ways to relieve stress.

Emotional intelligence is also a pathway for effective communication and empathic behavior.

The ability to overcome challenges, fears, and other lacking areas of our own personality is known as the emotional quotient. This strength plays a vital role in human life and we must be able to fight the current situation with stable emotional conditions.


Emotional intelligence incorporates the most important aspects of interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships. The stress and mood have a very obvious effect on the performance of the student, and here, the emotional quotient plays a fundamental role.

The students with relatively low learning speed and weak minds may feel super anxious and depressed when they are not being listened to. Due to the neglected behavior from teachers they find themselves in a trouble and take assignment help London because there is no guidance, and humiliating behavior from friends and family, the emotional intelligence of such student lag behind, and they feel demotivated and discouraged.

The one who is super fast at learning and has a super sharp mind is able to secure good marks in his exams. Indirectly, teachers give him more attention and appreciate him for his success. This creates a sense of motivation and appreciation among the student and they work with more devotion.

The difference is very clear, academic achievements and failure are having a huge impact on emotional intelligence.

On a general note, the successes and failures of any student at any level can never reflect his smartness or intelligence but when it comes to emotional stability, it is a bit different.


The students of the university have a little different perspective on their development. Several online assistances and cheap essay writing websites have emphasized that the undergraduates are emotionally more intelligent than others.  

They are keener towards their career growth, relationship management, self-awareness, self-motivation, integrity, self-development, commitments, empathy, and moral values.

Going through a university life is definitely not easy. There is a huge pressure of CGPA, assignments, and projects and a university student has to come up with the completion of every task positively.

This ultimately creates pressure. I agree!

But still, the university students and undergraduates are highly flexible with every situation. They find the solutions to the problems on their very own. They are able to manage their financial expenses within their part-times.

Such undergraduates are also cooperating with all their relationships among family and friends. Indeed, this shows the emotional stability and intelligence right at the same pace!

Several studies were also conducted in the past revealing that if the student is able to increase his emotional stability in all the aforementioned areas, his academic performance would automatically get enhanced.

With the help of the emotional intelligence of the student, academic success and failure can also be predicted.


Emotional intelligence and academic successes are closely interrelated with each other. This is very important for the educational institutes and guardians of an individual to promote and work for the enhancement of emotional intelligence among students.

The curriculum must be designed in a way that it could produce emotionally intelligent students. Also, the seminars and motivational speaking sessions can also be arranged to enhance work performance along with emotional intelligence.


Michael Hussey is a digital marketer and blogger. He writes about motivation, education, and personal development, mostly about career help. He hopes to make a good difference in the lives of people by sharing society related relevant stories and blogs also by his personal journey.