Regular Dental Checkup: Why And When To Get It Done?

It is said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But why keep the doctor away if he/she can help you in preventing many problems.

Also, it is rightly said that prevention is better than cure. It seems to be very true for a regular dental checkup. Oral care and maintenance of sound oral health are very essential for an individual. Brushing teeth twice a day, regular flossing, using toothpaste containing fluoride, and using a mouth wash are some of the common practices an individual adopts for good oral health. But these practices are not sufficient because an individual is unable to detect the problem that is going on inside his mouth.

For that, he/she needs to visit a good dentist regularly for a detailed examination. A regular dental checkup helps you in the detection of any sort of abnormality in your mouth. It involves a thorough examination of the tooth, gums, tongue, cavity dental filling, neck, throat, and even the head region.

What is Done in a Regular Dental Checkup?

A professional dental checkup involves the following steps-

  1. Checking up of Teeth
    At first, the dental professional will check for cavities. Then the plaque deposited over the tooth is detected. An over deposition of plaque may lead to tartar. So, it is essential to identify and clean it as early as possible. An x-ray is done to identify the cavities.
  1. Checking up of Gums
    Secondly, your gums will be examined and the space between gums and teeth is assessed. In case of any gum problem, this space enlarges.
  1. Overall Check up
    Thirdly, a detailed examination of your tongue, throat, face, head, and neck is carried out. The dentist checks for any abnormality like swelling, redness, etc. which may be the possible signs of oral cancer.
  1. Clean Up (if required)/Recommending a Treatment
    At last, the doctor proceeds for scaling (cleaning up of tartar). He will also report any problem to you. Alongside, your dental expert will also recommend any type of treatment required for your oral health.

Why a Regular Dental Checkup is Needed?

The importance of doing anything can be understood by knowing the benefits it yields. A regular dental checkup provides the following benefits-

  1. Teeth Scaling
    You can remove plaque deposition on your teeth with regular brushing and flossing. But you can’t remove tartar. If you visit your dentist regularly, he can remove it with professional tools and help prevent tooth decay and bad breath.
  1. Examination of Gum Health
    Excessive deposition of plaque and tartar may erode the gum health of an individual. Infections develop in the gums and may lead to the problem of swelling or gum bleeding. Regular dental visit ensures good gum health. 
  1. Early Detection of Oral Cancer
    Your dental expert will check your tongue, throat, neck, and head region also along with your mouth. If he finds an abnormality such as a node or swelling or redness, he reports it immediately for further treatment. Early detection of oral cancer is perhaps the most significant advantage of a regular dental checkup.
  1. Prevention of Bad Habits
    Some people have the habit of teeth grinding, biting nails, eating too much sweets, chewing ice, drinking soft drinks, alcohol consumption, and smoking.
    Such habits may cause stains on your teeth or bring them into poor condition due to breakage.
    If you visit your dentist regularly, he may counsel you and resolve such problems. He may carry out scaling to achieve teeth whitening.
  1. X-Ray Scanning
    With the help of a dental x-ray, the dentist can even identify any potential problem beneath the surface of the tooth. Early detection of any problem and its treatment is much time-saving and painless as compared to rushing to the doctor in excessive pain and discomfort.
    So, just don’t visit your dental professional only for fixing your tooth, but visit him to gain all the above benefits also. 
    A regular dental checkup can easily help you detect the issues which can cause greater health damage.

When to get the Checkup Done?

People have doubts about the frequency of going to the dentist. In general, people avoid going to a dental clinic unless they have severe pain or difficulty eating. Therefore, one should visit the best Cosmodent Dental Clinic every 6 months.

Although, an annual checkup is also sufficient, going for a checkup twice a year is the best way to ensure good oral health.

It is true that some people face dental anxiety (fear of visiting a dentist), some don’t want to spend money to get such a check-up, and some don’t want to spare time for it.

One must become clear that a routine dental check-up does not involve any sort of pain, so there is no need to get anxious about it.

Secondly, a dental check-up will cost about Rs 1000-2000 on average, so one need not bother much about the cost factor.

Third, a normal dental check-up takes around 45-60 minutes. One can easily spare this time to avoid many health ailments.

So, take out all such worries from your head and GET READY FOR YOUR REGULAR DENTAL CHECKUP!