Regenerative Therapy for Sports Injuries

It is quite common for athletes to fall prey to injuries. The most common injuries that athletes face are caused in knees, ankle, back, hip and feet. There are traditional treatments for these injuries which require invasion into the athlete’s body. This invasion may leave a scar and also cause them some side effects which can last for a long time. Opting for regenerative therapy can prevent these side effects and also makes it easy for the athletes to recover. As the regenerative field is advancing and bringing in a lot of advantages to the table, so many people started finding it interesting. There are so many well-known athletes who have opted for regenerative therapy to heal their injuries and reaped its benefits. Barefoot Brisbane Physiotherapists explain that this can lead to muscle or joint pain and fatigue, that increases the chances of injury when working long hours or exercising.

So, what is this regenerative therapy? How does sports injury clinics in Dallas can help athletes with their conditions? This article will help you in understanding all these details.

Understanding Regenerative Therapy

The best thing about every human body is that it has the natural ability to heal itself. There are healthy regenerative cells in the human body that can be used to regenerate different cell tissues in our body. Regenerative therapy, as its name suggests will help in accelerating the natural healing process of a human body and repairs the damaged tissues. This will in turn cure injury and reduces pain making it easy to get back to everyday life without the need for surgery.

It is common for athletes to look out for non-surgical treatments for sports injuries which will take less time to recover and help them become normal again as soon as possible and this regenerative therapy for sports is the best alternative for them. 

In regenerative therapy, the stem cells present in bone marrow or adipose tissue are taken out, processed, and injected into the injured place. The entire process is minimally invasive and can be done without the need for surgery. Be it acute or chronic, regenerative treatment can help and treat both of them making it easy for an athlete. 

Types of Regenerative Therapies

So, there are basically two types of regenerative therapies that people can opt to- Stem cells or Platelet injections. It is important to understand how these both work and doctors will help in choosing the right method for healing your injuries.

  • Stem Cell Therapy: Stem cells are regenerative cells that are present in the human body. The adult stem cells have the power to transform into a cell that can serve a specific purpose like a tendon cell. These stem cells are taken from bone marrow or adipose tissue of a body and placed in a particular environment to get processed. Once they are processed, then the cells are injected into the injured place. It will help in healing the damaged tissue and regenerate it which will help in getting back to everyday work quickly. The recovery time for stem cell therapy is quite less.
  • Super concetrated platelet Therapy: As the name suggests, patient’s blood is drawn out and is processed in a centrifuge motion (most of the time). A concentrated solution of platelets is formed to create a SCP solution. Similar to stem cells, the platelets present in blood also have natural healing properties. It accelerates the ongoing repairs of the injured tissue and heals it. Similar to stem cell therapy, this is also a minimally invasive treatment and won’t take a lot of time to recover.

Is Regenerative medicine a trusted alternative for surgery?

When an athlete is injured be it in his/her muscles or bones, they need to undergo orthopedic surgeries or a joint replacement. Both of these are going to cost them a lot of time. For athletes, time is the essence and they just cannot waste a lot of it in the recovery period. Apart from recovery time, it can also cause some side effects which can become serious with time.

They can avoid all these by opting for a non-surgical, naturally treating alternative such as regenerative medicine. It doesn’t need one to be on the bed for a long time, doesn’t have any side effects, there is no need for incision into the body and many more advantages. As the benefits of regenerative medicine are outweighing conventional treatment, many people are opting for it and so many got healed too. So, without a doubt, it can be considered a trusted alternative for surgery. 

There are so many people who are preferring stem cell therapy for orthopedic injuries in Dallas over conventional surgeries. When you opt for the right clinic, they can help you with regenerative medicine effectively. From the day you get stem cells injected into your body till the complete recovery, they will guide you and help you with different pain management techniques.