Refugee Visa Subclass 200- A Resettlement Visa to Australia

Are you a victim of persecution in your own country? Do you feel oppressed in your own home country within your community? The Australian Department of Home affairs provides a rescue for you from the situation of oppression. Now you can move out of your home country and settle in Australia for an indefinite period along with your family and safe yourself from persecution.

The visa subclass 200 is a permanent category visa that lets you stay in Australia for an indefinite period. With the refugee visa subclass 200 an applicant is also allowed to propose the family members to come to Australia for a permanent residence. The Department of Home Affairs Australia have privileged you to work or study in Australia for as long as you want once you are granted a humanitarian Visa subclass 200.

The refugee subclass 200 visa is especially for the individuals suffering persecution in their own home country. With this visa, you can move to Australia if you are able to prove that you are facing persecution in your home country.

Let us discuss about the basic eligibility criteria that can take you to Australia as a permanent resident with a subclass 200 visa.

  • The very first thing you must know about applying for visa 200 is that you must not be present in Australia when you apply for a Humanitarian visa subclass 200.

  • The applicant must be in requirement of a resettlement due to issues of persecution in their home country.

  • You must be free from any kind of criminal activities and must provide character certificate in accordance with the Australian laws and order.

  • You must be physically fit and must provide your health certificate and also satisfy the health requirements as mentioned by the Australian framework.

  • The applicant must be a recommendation to the Australian Government by a UNCHR.

  • The applicant must sign the Australian value statement making a declaration that he/she will follow and respect the Australian laws, culture and lifestyle.

The experts Migration agents Australia at the ISA Migrations and Education Consultants are glad to assist you at any hour regarding any of your concerns relating to the Humanitarian visa subclass 200.

Besides these eligibility requirements there are various entitlements which you can attain with the subclass 200 refugee visa. The benefits and entitlements provided by the Refugee visa subclass 200:

  • The visa 200 enables you to study, live or work in Australia for an indefinite period.

  • With the Humanitarian visa subclass 200 you will be able to travel to and from Australia as many times as you want for a period of 5 years from the date of visa grant.

  • You will be entitled to enrolment into any public healthcare scheme in Australia.

  • The refugee visa 200 also entitles you to propose your family members for a permanent residence in Australia.

  • You may check on your eligibility and apply for an Australian citizenship with a Humanitarian visa 200.

  • This visa also allows you to attend English language classes for a maximum of 510 hours free of cost.

  • With this visa, you are considered a permanent resident of Australia as soon as you enter Australia with a valid subclass 200 visa.

The Australian visa 200 can be applied for free of cost, it does not involve any fee cost to be applied for.

The processing time for this visa subclass is not determined and being a permanent visa it can take a long time for verification of the applicant. You must consult an expert Migration agent Adelaide for any kind of visa related query or concern or visit us at the ISA Migrations and Education Consultants office for a free consultation. Our agents are best in the industry with the latest knowledge of the standards of the various visa subclass and all the updates related to them.