Reducing Your Dui Charge To Wet Reckless Charge

 When one is charged with Dui, the next thought is what to do to reduce the penalties involved. Accordingly, many defendants fight to get their Dui charges dismissed or even reduced to less serious criminal charges. Anyone who has been charged with Dui should learn how they can get out of it through a plea bargain. With this, the defendant is most likely to get a lesser sentence than when they would face at trial. And this is to have their Dui charges reduced to wet reckless driving.

Understanding California’s Wet Reckless Charges 

 Indisputably, most of the Dui cases are resolved through plea bargaining. The defendant has to either plead guilty or not guilty to their Dui charges. Best San Diego criminal attorney understands what it means to have Dui penalties. They may help a defendant obtain a plea bargain after their Dui arrest. In this way, one can have their Dui charges dismissed rather than being convicted at trial .There are two types of reckless driving offenses:

  • A wet reckless offense which involves driving while drunk
  • Dry reckless or a normal reckless driving offense

Generally, one should prefer to get a wet reckless charge that a Dui. Although this may have less severe penalties, it’s still considered a priorable offense. All in all, a prosecutor may not charge you for having a wet reckless. Indeed, prosecutors will ask the defendant to plead guilty or “no contest” to their reckless driving to avoid the trial. The main reasons why many motorists choose to plead for a wet reckless rather than a Dui include:

  • A wet reckless is a good deal for anyone charged with Dui. However, if the defendant has aggravating factors such as death, injuries, or even prior Dui convictions, a wet reckless may not be possible.
  • Wet reckless legal consequences are less severe than Dui conviction penalties. It’s possible for a defendant to avoid a potential jail time and hefty fines compared to a Dui conviction.
  • You can avoid losing your driving privileges. For instance, it’s less likely for a defendant to be ordered to install an ignition interlock system on their car.
  • A defendant doesn’t have to be stigmatized as when one is convicted of a Dui. 

A wet reckless conviction would be much better on any driving record than a Dui. However, this doesn’t mean that there are no few drawbacks associated with wet reckless. Some of them include:

  • The defendant is subjected to probation, such as in Dui. But usually, the period of probation may be less.
  • The DMV can issue two points on the defendant’s driving record.

Will I Have Wet Reckless And Dui Expunged?

 Fortunately, if you have been charged with Dui or have a wet reckless conviction, such charges don’t have to remain in your record for a lifetime. You can file a petition in court and have the records expunged. If this is made possible, you will have the chance to look for employment or even get loans with the same confidence as someone who has never been convicted of a crime. A wet reckless is considered a misdemeanor, which is a criminal offense. Therefore, it may require the defendant to be subjected to informal probation. And any breaking of law may find the defendant in prison. But if you were on informal probation and it has ended, you can expunge your criminal record. It’s worth noting that this may not erase all the traces of your wet reckless charges. For example, in cases where in-depth criminal background checks are to be conducted, such as on high-security employers, this activity may reveal your wet reckless charges.

 Additionally, it’s also possible to expunge your wet reckless way before your probation has ended. Nevertheless, you must have a formal request to the court for early termination. Often, such requests are not granted by the courts. That’s why it’s always advisable to contact an experienced criminal lawyer to get the available options depending on your case. You will not have your wet reckless expunged unless you request it removed from your criminal records. Again, if you are also convicted for driving under the influence, your expunged conviction will be considered a prior Dui conviction.

Getting Legal Help

 If you have been arrest for Dui, you can choose to have a criminal attorney evaluate your case and get the best strategy to get your Dui charges reduced. If they consider a dismissal is not possible, your attorney may have a wet reckless plea bargain. It’s worth noting that each Dui case is different when it comes to warrant a wet reckless plea bargain. Coming up with a favorable plea bargain requires someone with familiarity with the California Dui law. Thus, it’s imperative to speak to a seasoned Dui attorney who can offer guidance on the best legal outcome depending on your case’s facts.