Redefining the Best Petrol Driven Water Pumps in Kenya

The petrol water pumps have become the mostly used water pumps in Kenya. They are easily available, easy to use and works very smoothly (has fewer faults). It is possible to find the petrol water pumps in almost all the dealers in mechanics countrywide. They are mainly used to pump water in irrigation schemes as this is facilitated by the four stroke engine that is offers great power. They are high pressure water pumps and have open impellers that help pump water that is slightly silted in the farms.

They are preferred due to the reason that they have low fuel consumption and are lighter compared to the other water pumps. However, for a long lasting tool they require maintenance after a period of about 90-100 hours after use. It is simple to service and maintain as the tools needed for maintaining and servicing are regularly found. Most of the petrol water pumps have an outlet and inlet of diameter of 2 inches. In the text below we are going to discuss the major renowned petrol water pumps in Kenya.

Types of Petrol Water Pumps in Kenya

Low Pressure Water Pumps

As discussed before, the low pressure water pumps are used in grounds that are fairly level or to pump water down a slope or hill. These types of water pumps have one impeller and their heads are lower compared to the high pressure pumps. These include the:

Kato-they mainly are used for irrigation in level or flat land in furrow irrigation. On the other hand they can be used to move water in to storage facilities. Their cost range at about Kshs 18,000.

Daishin Honda- this carries high volume water during the hose kit. It has a hose power of 7HP and a head rate of 32HP. Its flow rate is 60m3/hr and costs about Kshs 40,000.

High Petrol Water Pumps

It is noted that these pumps have a higher head rate as compared to the corresponding low pressure water pumps since the water is required to be pushed vertically up a ground. It is found that the head rates are over 50M. High pressure is therefore needed to take water to where it is needed. This is where the double impeller in a petrol water pump becomes applicable for the purpose of irrigating a land that is up a hill.

Let us look at the various Petrol water pump prices in Kenya.

AICO-has a flow rate of 20 meter cubic per hour and a head rate of 75M. Its hose power ranges at about 7HP. Costs Kshs 35,000.

Lifan- the pump has a rate of flow of 37.8 cubic meters per hour and a hose power of 7.5HP. It offers a head rate of 60M and costs Kshs 32,000.

Carltons UK-it is a high pressure water pump that is accompanied with a head rate of 60M that allows pumping water up a hill at a rate of 37.8 cubic meters per hour. The energy is provided by a hose power of 8.5HP.

Power Italia- it is very high pressure water pumps that works to pump water up a very steep slope. It has a hose power of 13HP and a head rate of 120M and a flow rate of 30m3/hr.

Conclusions For best experience, a farmer is required to consider the following factors; budget, size of farm and topography.