Reddit Threads to Follow for Personal Finance Management

There are many ways to learn personal finance, including investments and risk management. The Internet is a great learning tool for this. However, depending on your ability to focus and your goals, online resources are more suited for you.

Which Social Media Site to Use

If your most used app is Facebook, then take advantage of Facebook groups. There are plenty of them. If you want to be part of a community where you can ask and interact with the members, this is your best choice. 

You can also follow financial literacy pages on this app. If you are the type who only likes to read resources but not necessarily participate in anything, you can try this. 

TikTok is for people who are visual learners. Some videos there are three minutes long at most. This is perfect if you quickly get bored with long content. Most of them are creative and entertaining. You will have fun while you learn. 

Twitter is not exactly a place where you can learn extensively. However, this is an excellent place to monitor the news about stocks and investments. Usually, a single tweet from famous people like Elon Musk sends the crypto community into a frenzy. 

Finally, if you are the type who likes discussions on tailored topics, then your go-to site must be Reddit. The subreddits are as specific as they can get. If you are into real estate, there are hundreds of subreddits on that topic alone. There are mostly no distractions in Reddit. The majority of the content you see is only from threads you follow. You can focus more since there is no danger of accidentally falling into a rabbit hole of unrelated memes. 

Top Subreddits to Follow for Financial Learning

If you still don’t know, a subreddit is a forum on Reddit dedicated on a specific topic. There are thousands of subreddits you can follow for your different interests. In the following sections, you’ll learn several subreddits you can follow to improve your financial standing.

  • r/personalfinance

For beginners, this is the perfect subreddit to start with. Most members of the thread are also newbies. You will pick up a lot of personal finance advice from the discussion. From creating emergency funds to making your first savings account.

You can always use the search function to know the frequently asked questions. You can also ask on the forum if you have a question, and members will be glad to educate you. 

Anything goes in this subreddit. You can use the topics as a gateway to more specific discussions. If you are starting to make sense of your situation, work your way down from here. 

  • r/investing

This subreddit is more topic-specific than the first one. You’ll get plenty of good insights on the stock market and the basics of investing from here. Just ignore the stock predictions and don’t make the mistake of asking people what exact stocks you should buy. You should be the one to decide on that. Your risk appetite is different from theirs. 

Just learn the basics from them, and then you can proceed to create your strategy. This subreddit is an excellent place to research for your fundamental analysis of companies. 

  • r/RealEstate

If you’re interested in making money out of real estate property investment, this is the place to learn from. Here you will learn the different types of investments you can make with properties. You can pick up details about financing and the specific loan requirements. Which banks are the best to get a loan from.

This is a great place to learn about all kinds of investment opportunities. If you are interested in investing in commercial spaces, you will know the difference between simply renting and investing in triple-lease properties. If you like the idea of Airbnb, there are great insights on that in this thread. You will also learn from people’s personal experience with mortgages, property taxes, and insurance. You will also read a lot of complaints about a specific realtor. It’s up to you if you want to ignore them or start taking notes. 

  • r/CryptoCurrency

If you’re interested in crypto trading, then head on to this subreddit. People are always discussing different coins here. You will read a lot of predictions on the next move of the crypto market. 

The discussions are insightful, although there are a lot of clashing opinions. The thing about cryptocurrencies is you can’t predict their movement. Still, you can lurk around this subreddit to find helpful information like international news and the white paper for new coins.  

All social media platforms can contribute to your pursuit of financial knowledge. Since there are plenty, it’s really up to you to choose the most useful ones. You can use them all if that is more helpful.


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.