Red Saree; Trends, Styles, and More

Are you looking for a trendsetter saree? Do you want to look glamorous yet chic? We have the solution for you. Wear a red saree and make a statement everywhere you go. Red outfits, specifically red sarees, can make you look like a diva and bring out your inner goddess.

Red sarees are forever glamorous. If you go wearing red to an event, chances are, you will steal the limelight and become the talk of the town. 

The Beauty of Red; Why Women Like Red Color the Most

Studies have shown that wearing red makes a woman look more attractive and desirable. It has been proven that wearing red makes a woman feel more confident. The color red has been associated with femininity and beauty since ancient times. Additionally, the color is also strongly associated with purity, divinity, and Goddesses. The eye-catching hue defines courage, power, passion, and love.

Women love wearing red, as it represents their inner diva and makes them look stunning and elegant. Furthermore, who does not want to be the star of any event?

How Red Sarees Important in Indian Traditional Culture

Red is considered to be an auspicious color in Indian culture. It is a symbolic color and has several different meanings attached to it. The color is connected with Hindu Goddesses, sunrises, and every auspicious event. 

Brides from most parts of India wear red sarees on their special day to symbolize prosperity and the beginning of their new life. In addition, red sarees are also worn during religious ceremonies and events in the Indian culture as it is believed to bring luck.                     

The Importance of Red Sarees in Indian Women

Every color represents some aspect of life. A red saree is more than just an outfit for an Indian woman. It is a prized possession. For an Indian woman, wearing red is not just about looking alluring or feeling beautiful from within. It is mixed with several emotions. 

Red sarees are important for every woman, and wearing them signifies different meanings. For a young girl wearing a red saree brings her confidence and gives her a feeling of being a woman. On the other hand, a married woman wearing a red saree represents her prosperous and colorful married life.

Latest Fashion Trends in Red Saree

Red sarees are never not trending. However, with forever changing styles and new designs coming up every other day, the patterns and the designs change, but the trendsetting color remains the same.

Here are a few latest trends in red sarees.

Heavily Embroidered Red Saree

Hand embroidery is the most trending style in red sarees. You can wear a red saree with red embroidery for a monochromatic look. On the other hand, if you want to add some colors to your outfit, you can always choose a saree with a red base and multicolor embroidery.

Plain Red Saree with Heavy Blouse

A plain red saree with a heavily embroidered blouse can never go wrong. You can wear a plain chiffon or organza red saree with minimal details and embellishments and pair it with a heavily embellished blouse. The combination provides a strong contrast and looks elegant on every body type. If you love wearing simple sarees, then this trend is definitely for you.

Cotton Red Saree

Cotton sarees are perfect for every season. If you prioritize comfort, then this trend is just for you. A red saree in cotton fabric will make you look aristocratic and elegant, and the best part is that you will feel the most comfortable in it.

Sheer Red Saree

Sheer red sarees are glamorous looking and are super lightweight. You can opt for chiffon or organza fabric to rock this trend. 

Red Saree with Lace

Red lace sarees are trending right now. These sarees look fancy and are super comfortable to wear. You can try a lace saree with sequin work if you want to add more to the glam.

How To Style a Red Saree


Fashion experts recommend maintaining a balance in the outfit. If you are wearing a heavy red saree, you can keep the blouse simple and vice versa. On the other hand, if you love mixing and matching, then you can wear a different color blouse with your red saree to add some contrast.


Red sarees are gorgeous on their own. Therefore, it is best to keep the makeup simple and light.


If you want to flaunt your red saree, then wear minimal jewelry that matches the details in your saree.


The best way to complete a red saree look is to wear transparent or nude footwear. If you love being comfortable, then you can wear wedges, but if you are comfortable wearing heels, then there is nothing like the combination of a red saree and stilettos.