Red Flags to Look for in a Medical Marijuana Doctor

Are you on the hunt for a medical marijuana doctor? Marijuana has a range of health benefits, from treating anxiety to easing your pain. Finding a doctor that’s qualified is essential and sometimes can take time.

So that you get subscribed marijuana by a licensed physician, do plenty of research ahead of time. No doctor is perfect, but you should always be on the lookout for any red flags.

Proceed with caution if you think a medical marijuana doctor isn’t up to snuff. Here are some things that you don’t want to ignore!

1. Doesn’t Have a Degree or Isn’t Licensed

A medical marijuana doctor is like any doctor and must have a DO, MD, or some degree to treat patients.

A medical marijuana doctor with a degree can properly diagnose your condition. They will be able to look over your information from another doctor you’re seeing. If you’re on other medication, they’ll also be able to discern whether there’s a potential for a reaction.

Check Whether They’re Licensed

It’s safe to assume that a doctor you want to see is licensed in your state. But this is still something else you should verify. If you’re in NY, for example, then you must see a licensed NY medical marijuana doctor.

Find Out if They Have a Disciplinary Record

If you want to take things one step further, find out if they have a disciplinary record. Federation of State Medical Boards gives you the scoop on the disciplinary history of specific doctors. There are other sites to check out too.

Doing your research pays off because you don’t want to see just any doctor!

2. Not Enough Experience

Like any doctor you see, a medical marijuana doctor should have enough experience. Ideally, your doctor should have at least a few years of experience, if not more.

As an MD or DO, they will have some experience, but the longer they’ve been practicing medicine, the better.

3. Tight Scheduling

Be mindful of how long your appointment will be when you schedule it. Doctors who are more eager to make money than help patients have a tight schedule.

If you get booked for a fifteen-minute appointment, that’s a red flag. It may be that the doctor is popular, but that’s no excuse for them to have short visits.

When doctors have a very tight schedule, it’s a good sign that they’re not caring for their patients. Seeing a doctor like that is something you want to avoid.

4. Negative Online Reviews

When deciding on a doctor to see, check out their online reviews. Sometimes reviews are not accurate, so some reviews you have to take with a grain of salt. But if the majority of the reviews are negative, that should raise an eyebrow.

Look for a doctor who has stellar online reviews and that people recommend. If there are rave reviews, that’s the type of physician you should make an appointment with.

5. Strange Behavior

Say you meet with a doctor who acts strange and is willing to hand you a prescription after 10 minutes. In this type of scenario, you may want to think twice before getting a prescription from them. Sure, getting a prescription quickly is nice, but it’s vital to be in safe hands.

Not every doctor has an excellent bedside manner. But a medical marijuana doctor should be willing to go over everything with you. There should be enough time for them to cover your medical history and discuss why you’re getting a prescription. They should also be open to answering any questions without you feeling rushed.

If something seems off, it’s best to make an appointment with another doctor. Your health is important, so don’t take it lightly!


In closing, if you have a primary care physician, see if they can refer you to a medical marijuana doctor. This is an excellent way to get paired with a highly qualified physician you can trust.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t still do your research, though. It’s wise to check out the background of any doctor before seeing them.

To get the correct dose and be on your way to feeling better, you should have a doctor who understands your needs. Being aware of certain red flags will help you find a doctor who’s the perfect fit for you!