Recordable Optical Disc Market is estimated to be valued at US$ 2 Bn by the end of 2029

The global recordable optical disc market is slated to hold a net worth of US$ 2.5 Bn in 2022, but is expected to decline at a CAGR of -3% over the forecast period (2022-2029) to reach an estimated market valuation of US$ 2 Bn by the end of 2029.

Sales of recordable optical discs account for 2.8% share of the global data storage market at present. Optical storage solutions have seen a drop in popularity as storage technology has advanced rapidly in the past few years.

DVD storage media and CD storage media saw a major decline in use as the proliferation of streaming and OTT platforms has increased substantially.

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“Evolution of non-physical media with greater storage capabilities has led to marked decrease in consumer preference. The shift toward cloud-based suites is also pushing down the sales of recordable optical disc, as cloud storage provides an agile and reliable platform for data storage and accessibility,” says the FMI report.

The study opines that sales of recordable optical disc started plummeted in parallel with the growth of public and private cloud services – Amazon Web Services, IBM Bluemix and Microsoft Azure to name a few. These platforms offer excellent cloud services with extensive database storage, content delivery speed, and multiple other functionalities, helping online media streaming platforms to exponentially grow and expand. Such factors are foreshadowing a bleak future for recordable optical disc forms, unravels the research analysis.

Key Companies Profiled

RITEK Corporation

•  CMC Magnetics Corporation

•  Singulus Technologies

•  LITE ON Corporation

•  Falcon Technologies International LLC

•  Princo Corp.

•  R Image Corp.

•  Vinpower Digital

•  Disc Makers

•  Primera Technology

•  Verbatim

 ‘Manufacture-On-Demand’ DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs – Marking a New Milestone for Growth

As per the report, the trend of ‘manufacture-on-demand’ DVDs and blu-rays of popular TV shows and movies is working in favor of the market players. For instance, Amazon exclusively sells a series of ‘manufacture-on-demand’ DVDs and blu-rays of popular Nickelodeon shows and movies. Moreover, popular media-services providers, such as Netflix, have also started bringing back popular TV series and movies in DVD and blu-ray formats to treat their loyal subscribers, which in turn has resulted in a promising comeback for DVDs and blu-ray discs.

The report opines that blu-ray disc will continue being the top-seller, with revenues estimated to approach US$ 2 Bn in 2022. Optimum storage capacities with ‘best-in-class’ features remain two of the key selling points of blu-ray discs. Sales of recordable optical disc via online channels will continue to put offline channels in the shade. The convenience of choosing from multiple varieties and availing best deals and offers are two of the major growth pacesetters of online channels over offline, states the research study.

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Recordable optical disc demand analysis from 2014 to 2021 compared to market projections (2022 to 2029)
Although optical discs are a thing of the past, they were once the most widely used storage method. Over the past few decades, technology has advanced and other storage technologies have developed, making these recordable optical discs obsolete.

Recordable optical disc sales have decreased significantly over the last ten years, and this trend is anticipated to continue during the forecast period. From 2014 to 2021, the use of recordable optical discs decreased at a CAGR of -5.6%.

Key Segments of Recordable Optical Disc Industry Survey

Recordable Optical Disc Market by Product Type:

  • Compact Discs (CD)
    • CD – R
    • CD – RW
  • Digital Versatile Discs (DVD)
    • DVD – R
    • DVD -RW
  • Blu-ray Disc

Recordable Optical Disc Market by Sales Channel:

  • Online Sales of Recordable Optical Discs
  • Offline Sales of Recordable Optical Discs
  • Sales of Recordable Optical Discs by Distributors
  • Sales of Recordable Optical Discs by Resellers
  • Direct Sales of Sales of Recordable Optical Discs

Recordable Optical Disc Market by End Use:

  • Recordable Optical Discs for Consumers
  • Recordable Optical Discs for Professionals
    • Software/IT
    • Media Industry
    • Healthcare
    • Education
    • Public Department
    • Other Commercials

Recordable Optical Disc Market by Storage Capacity:

  • Below 5GB Recordable Optical Discs
  • 5-10 GB Recordable Optical Discs
  • Above 10 GB Recordable Optical Discs

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