Advance Your Career by Retreating!

It sounds contradictory – how can taking time out, and going on a retreat, advance your career? Read on to find out how taking time out to recharge at a retreat can provide surprising benefits!

Self-love is not just a feeling, but an action – and what better way to take care of one’s mind, body and spirit than by attending a retreat.

Whether a solo adventure or one with your organization, just one day or a weekend retreat, there are many benefits to attending, both personally and professionally.

Connecting with nature (which is often where retreats are held), and breaking your daily routine are so important. Plus you get to spend time with other like-minded individuals. Enjoying a safe space with others to learn and grow is refreshing and exciting!

Common Retreat Activities

Often retreats can release your creative side, allowing the time and freedom to express yourself whether that is through art workshops or creating a vision board. A retreat gives you the opportunity to think, reflect and create, without pressure, as these practices and tasks are all personal, and a reflection of you.

Some activities you may get to experience at your retreat include:

  • Yoga and/or Pilates
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Hikes and walks in nature
  • Arts and crafts
  • Journaling exercises
  • Motivational guest speakers
  • Massage

Studies show that encounters with nature help to alleviate mental fatigue by relaxing and restoring the mind.  This in turn can improve work performance and satisfaction. Just imagine what an entire weekend could do to get you feeling motivated and inspired to take on new challenges, or to come up with creative new ideas, within the workplace or for your own business!

Recharge at a Retreat

We often find our best ideas arrive when we are in the shower, driving, or as we are about to head off to sleep. The reason for this is because in these moments we are relaxed, and our mind has time to slow down.

Scientists have studied brain scans and found that moments of creativity come when the mind is at rest rather than working on something. This is why authors tend to remove themselves from their normal work environment to do their best work, as a new fresh space can spark fresh ideas and bring about creativity. All the more reason to hit the “pause” button and head off on a retreat!

If you’re feeling flat or worn out, a retreat may be just what the doctor ordered to get those creative juices flowing again. A relaxing and mindful break can pay huge dividends for your work and career!

Janet Camilleri

When Janet Camilleri was growing up, her mother told her to become a teacher as "you can't make a living from writing". It might have taken a while, but it seems her mother was wrong. Now a fulltime copywriter, Janet is married with two grown children and one very spoilt cat.