Reasons You Should Make Sleep a Priority

Do you always wonder how much sleep is enough? Although everyone is different and they have different Chrono types. This is the amount of sleep they should have, the best times to wake up among other things. The most important thing is to make sleep a priority and through this, you will enjoy its benefits. Various studies have shown that consistent quality sleep helps solve so many issues and this should be the focus for everyone. Inadequate sleep makes you cranky and when it gets consistent it causes more problems than just getting cranky in the morning. Here are some reasons you should make sleep a priority.

Boosts mood 

The reason you are moody and cranky most mornings is because you did not have enough sleep. This is both in quantity and quality. Hence, this is a good reason to make sleep a priority. Although having a good bed or a side sleeper mattress are contributing factors to sleep well. The most important is having a consistent sleep routine. Through this, your brain will have an easy time to process your emotions and it needs time to do it the right way. Thus, when it is cut short the emotions you tend to have are negative ones. If the lack of enough sleep gets consistent you will start experiencing symptoms of a mood disorder. That leads to insomnia and may lead to worse issues like depression. Therefore, plan on making sleep a priority through it you get refreshing sleep and in return, you will be able to reset in preparation for the next day.

For a sharp brain

If you get your children to make sleep a priority. This will make their brain sharper. As a result, they can recall and hold on to details that they learn daily. While those who are getting poor sleep will have difficulties even concentrating in school. Because sleep plays a big role in memory and learning. Hence with inadequate sleep getting new information and focusing becomes a challenge for the student. This also affects the brain of adults as you do not give your brain enough time to store memories properly so that you can use them later. Sleep enough to help your brain catch up and get ready for what is coming next. This can be achieved by creating a sleep schedule for your family that is followed through. After some time, you will realize the benefits, with less cranky people in the morning, better performance for the kids at school and your work as well.

Helps fight germs 

The body’s immune system helps identify viruses and bacteria in the body and destroy them to help you fight off illness. Hence, when sleep is not a priority and you get a lack of it consistently. The way your immune system cells work will change. They tend to not act as quickly and hence you get sick regularly. Have you ever wondered why you keep on getting a cold on and off? Lack of quality and quantity of sleep is a contributing factor. Boost your immune system by getting enough sleep and avoid getting the worn out and tired feeling. Plus, having to spend days in bed to help your body recover.

Helps in weight control 

A well-rested person is less hungry and tends to eat less and vice versa. Since, when you are sleep deprived the leptin and ghrelin hormones in your brain that control appetite go out of balance. Hence as they are messed up, your resistance to the urge to eat unhealthy food goes down. Therefore, you find yourself indulging in unhealthy snacks. Also, since you are tired, you are less likely to get up and move your body. All these are recipes to get you to add on more weight. Thus, it is best to check the time you spend sleeping. As it influences the time you will spend in the gym and at the table in helping you manage your weight.

Boosts your athletic achievement 

If you are a fan of endurance sports like biking, swimming and running. Sleep loss will affect your performance levels. Therefore, sleep as a priority will do you a great favor as it will boost your athletic achievement. Also, it robs you of time and energy for muscle repair. Therefore, if you are facing harder physical and mental challenges. Additionally, you notice slower reaction times in your performance. This is due to the lack of quality sleep and it saps your motivation as well for it helps you get to the finish line. Try getting your sleep schedule in track as once you get proper sleep it sets you up for good performance.

Helps control blood sugar 

When you lack enough sleep, chances are that you do not complete the sleep cycle. Although many people are not aware of the dangers involved in not completing the sleep cycle. Some of the sleep cycle stages, like the deep, slow-wave stage, helps the amount of glucose in your blood to drop. This helps steady or reset the blood sugar levels. Therefore, if you break your sleep here, you do not get that break to allow a reset. Hence, your body will struggle to respond to blood sugar levels and other cell’s needs. If you constantly miss this deep sleep stage you are prone to type 2 diabetes.

In summary, it is important to make sleep a priority to enjoy the above benefits and others not mentioned above. Although sleep needs vary, it is best to consult a specialist to get advice on how to improve your sleep. This is in concern with the type of job you do, foods you eat, illnesses among other things. Also, as you prioritize sleep do not oversleep as it has its disadvantages. Hence it is best to sleep for at most 8hours each night for peak health benefits. Creating a sleep routine is also helpful to guide and help you set your internal clock on your wake and sleep time.

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