Reasons why you must own a pre-owned Maserati

‘Luxury, sports and style cast in exclusive car’ – Maserati.

Buying used Maserati cars in India or anywhere else is a huge investment and thus it is really necessary to understand why they are such strong contenders in the second-hand luxury cars section. To know why this is a dream car of many car enthusiasts.

1.    The Exceptional Craftsmanship:

          Whatever the model is, Maserati cars are exquisite. The workmanship and the craftsmanship are always of a very high standard. Every single inch of the car is made from the best of the best as Maserati never compromises with the standard. The passion in the design and the integrity of the built is what makes this brand stand out, and thus used Maserati cars in India are very sought after. The luxurious finishes and the sexy surround systems are to die for. A refined declaration of luxury and performance oriented is what Maserati cars are all about.

2.    The Depreciation:

                  This is actually one of the best reasons as to why people prefer buying used Maserati cars in India and around the world. When on the lookout for pre-owned cars, depreciation becomes your best friend especially in this case as you would be able to own your dream Maserati beauty without breaking the bank or burning a big hole in your pocket. This is because Maserati is considered the underdog and thus the recognition is low, that ultimately becomes advantageous for you as the deals become incredibly better. Maserati, for all you potential second-hand customers out there, is a hidden gem. One that has a beautiful build and a performance so outstanding.

3.    The Control:

          Apart from being the best in the comfort and control behind the wheels provided to the driver and the people inside the car, the control you get over your vehicle even when you aren’t actually in the car is something that Maserati along with excellent technology stands out in. And quoting what their own website says, “Master the essence of performance, comfort and safety to transform every journey into a unique and thrilling experience.” And this is thus proven by the number of people who buy used Maserati cars in India and the whole of the globe. The app lets you control your car and adapts to your needs and your behaviour through your phone, smart watch or any of your virtual assistants.

4.    The Appeal:

          Apart from the appealing deals due to the high degree of depreciation, the visual and the aesthetic appeal is a feast for your eyes and your ears. Gorgeous beasts that perform well too, Maserati is on top of the luxury brand cars when it comes to beauty and power going side by side. And the sound of a Maserati engine growling like a beast with all that power is enough to send chills down your spine as it did for all those who bought used Maserati cars in India and elsewhere. Supercar enthusiasts and luxury brand collectors would agree when it is stated that these sounds are melodious even without needing to enhance it artificially.

5.    The Engine:

            The core, the heart of the beast under the hood is what is the most captivating feature about the subject of emphasis. A survey has concluded that this was the major element of highlight that seduced the most buyers of used Maserati cars in India. The thing is, another luxury brand – Ferrari does share an engine type with Maserati but the Maserati has brought it out in an exceptional manner. A major example is the 2005 Quattroporte (one of the most popular models of Maserati, it was built with a 4.2 liter V8 (90-degree) putting out a horsepower of 400. Not just that, it also put out around 360 lb-ft of torque which was an outstanding performance, a very forward one at that for as early as 2005.

These are just the top 5 quintessential reasons why Maserati is the preference of many second hand car buyers. When you buy used Maserati cars in India or anywhere for that matter, it becomes an investment and these reasons are why it makes Maserati the perfect choice for the same. When you choose a Maserati to be your choice of vehicle, it brings to the spotlight the excellence of your taste. As it is an infamous underdog, driving this bad boy down the road ensures a lot of turned heads to stare in awe at you and this luxurious brand. Maserati believes in perfection, high performance, and strong integrity with the adoption of latest technology, all the while not compromising the visual pleasure one attains when looking at them.