Reasons Why Stamped Concrete Is Better

Stamped concrete is a paving treatment used to mimic the finish of more expensive paver materials – from flagstones to travertine, to beautify areas like driveways, patios, pool decks, and sidewalks. 

While it’s a cheaper substitute, it still has the look that many people want. Many go for stamped concrete because it provides a luxurious look to their exterior, much like its more expensive counterparts. Other than being affordable, stamped concrete also offers other advantages.

A lot of homeowners from countries like Canada can work with any of the contractors available in their area. If you’re looking for a stamped concrete contractor in Toronto, find out here how you can find the right one and why this option is a good choice.

Advantages of Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete offers homeowners a cheaper substitute with low upkeep, many design options, and more. These are all the other advantages of going for stamped concrete:

Easy Installation

Compared with natural stone and other paver materials, stamped concrete requires less labour since it comes with a straightforward installation procedure. Because of this, however, some homeowners try to do the installation as a DIY project. The downside of doing it this way is not all who try to wing it actually do it properly.

This is why professionals and contractors recommend that homeowners refrain from doing such DIY tasks. Stamped concrete may be easy to install, but it still takes a professional to do all the step-by-step processes the right way.

In addition, because they’re easy to install, professionals don’t need to break apart any existing concrete slab before pouring new cement for stamped concrete.

Choices of Pattern and Colors

Beautiful pavers are available in different styles that stamped concrete can easily mimic. But the great thing about stamped concrete is, while it can mimic other pavers, it’s also versatile enough to be used with other design options. You can choose any combination of texture, pattern, and colour that best suits your taste.

Low Maintenance

Materials like natural stone and bricks have a porous state that absorbs moisture. When this happens, they can catch rust, grow moss, and other similar issues that require specific cleaning products to remove.

Since concrete doesn’t have a porous nature, basic upkeep like sweeping or wiping can easily prevent dirt buildup. The only significant maintenance for stamped concrete is the need for resealing once every two to three years. This means that stamped concrete is a low-maintenance material. 

Value for Money

As mentioned earlier, stamped concrete is cheaper but has virtually the same luxurious feel as any high-end paver option. Since concrete is poured on-site, and there’s no need for individual slabs or stones to be laid out, the process is faster, hence the lower cost. Add to this the fact that the pattern is stamped on, as the name implies, and not integrated via more costly means, and you have a cost-effective paving option.

With low maintenance and excellent durability, stamped concrete is the perfect value-for-money option for your exterior.

The Best Choice for Your Paving Needs 

There’s no need to over plan or overspend to achieve  a paved exterior that looks like it jumped straight out of a lifestyle magazine. Stamped concrete is one paving solution that offers many advantages, aside from being a great addition to your exterior design.

It’s an excellent option for patios, driveways, poolside areas, and garages. It’s also the cheaper choice, is low maintenance, and gives you numerous design options. Now, that’s what you can call a paving option that is well worth considering.