Reasons Why Gas Combi Boilers Should Be Serviced Annually

Your boiler should be serviced every 12 months in order to keep your gas safety certification, which is a must-have to avoid potentially serious legal ramifications should something go wrong.

You need to get your boiler properly services by a qualified and gas safe engineer who will be able to spot any potential dangers.

It’s usually hassle free and it’s not overly expensive, so you won’t have to break the banks in order to keep your gas safety certification.

As well as legal troubles, it’s just generally a good idea too as you or your potential tenants will have much more piece of mind a property that is being serviced annually 

And as an added bonus you’ll save money too as a more efficient boiler will be able to produce more heat more quickly that one with sludge that has built up over months.

Why Do Boilers Need Serviced?

Boilers need serviced on a regular basis to ensure that everything remains in good working order and are safe.

Sometimes simple maintenance like removing sludge build-ups and assessing pressure settings is all that’s needed to get decades out of your boiler, while of course continuing to ensure it’s safety aspect.

On top of that, your annual servicing will keep your gas safety certification in place, which is essential should something go wrong to prove that you did not neglect important gas safety checks.

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Boiler Serving Only By Gas Safe Registered Engineers

Not only is it important to have your service carried out by a Gas Safe certified engineer, as an uncertified service could prove to be sloppy and dangerous, it is also a requirement in order to receive your gas safety certification.

On top of that, Gas Safe engineers with their understanding of boilers and experience may be able to spot potential dangers that the layman would miss.

It is recommended to use approved boiler servicing companies that specifically specialise in boiler maintenance and repairs, that have years of experience in this field. 

how much is boiler servicing?

Boiler servicing is a worthwhile investment as it won’t cost you much but which will ensure that your property is safe, whilst still maintaining your boiler’s warranty after its installation. 

Prices for combi gas boiler servicing can greatly vary depending on a number of factors:

  • The frequency in which you have serviced your boiler previously
  • The age of the boiler
  • If the central heating system has not been cleaned before the boiler installation
  • The initial quality of your boiler

From the basic service to the full works (which you can see through the guide provided here) you’ll be able to get what’s needed for your situation and budget.

Even then, the upper price only sits at around £90, with cheaper repair and services costing you around £60, so which seems to be a worth wile investment. And when you know that an average boiler installation can cost about £1500, then you will appreciate that cashing out anything below £100 is a good deal. 

Does An Electric Boiler Need Servicing?

Yes. Electric boilers need to be serviced all the same in order to ensure they are ticking over and remain safe.

While there is no gas present, there is still the risk of fire and that can easily be caused by faulty components.

Again, while they aren’t gas boilers, a Gas Safe engineer from a reputable business will still have the skills and expertise necessary to carry out the installation and service.

Is Boiler Servicing Worth It?

Boiler servicing is absolutely worthwhile as it ensures you safety in the home. The risk/reward of not servicing or getting a cheap unreliable service just isn’t worth it, especially when more reliable services are hardly a financial burden.

Get Your Boiler Service Sorted Today

Make sure that you don’t find yourself on the wrong side of the law and get your boiler properly serviced by a reliable engineer.

It’s a simple and cheap process that will make a significant difference in terms of both financial and actual security.


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