Reasons Why Double Battery Inverter Price Should Be Your Last Concern

Getting a double battery inverter is all about power. With a double battery inverter, you can expect to get power supply for a longer period of time. However,the double battery inverter price is often a differentiating factor when choosing batteries. But a double battery inverter price shouldn’t be the only concern that you should have as a consumer. There are many more factors that you should consider when buying a battery.

In this article, we will look at a few of the top things to watch out for when choosing batteries for your inverter. It would help you make the ideal choice for your home backup system.

Battery Capacity

While pricing is important, and the more batteries you include, the more you will have to pay. However, what good is a battery that can’t deliver on power, even if it’s a double battery unit. The ideal way to go about choosing a battery is to first analyze how much backup you would be requiring in case of a power failure. This will vary across households as we all have different sets of equipment and appliances at our homes. It can be safely assumed that the battery capacity required by a household that wants to run a couple of fans, lights and television set would be far lesser compared to a household that also wants to run air conditioners, refrigerators, etc., along with the basic appliances. Moreover, the duration of backup also matters.If  you have power cuts that last for a longer period, then you would need batteries with more capacity. Therefore, keep these two things in mind while selecting batteries: The number of appliances you want to run, and the duration of power cuts.

Types of Battery

It goes without saying that tubular batteries are arguably more powerful since they are bulkier, larger, and are designed to support heavy-duty appliances. The flat plate battery on the other hand has a smaller footprint and is ideal for homes where space is  constraint. But, that’s not to say that flat plate batteries are not great at providing the backup you need. It’s just that if you are keen on running heavy appliances, then a tubular battery is the best fit. There is also a third battery type that’s abit  more expensive but much more eco-friendly—Gel battery.

 Gel Batteries release no fumes, require zero maintenance, and are considered safe for households with children.

No matter which one you choose, always keep the battery capacity in mind and you won’t go wrong with your selection.

Never Buy Locally Made Batteries

One of the mistakes we commit as consumers is that we tend to buy locally made batteries to save some money on the double battery inverter price. This should be a ‘big no’ because these batteries are cheaper in quality and lack the safety features of the batteries manufactured by reputed brands. Don’t commit this mistake if you want to have benefit of safety features.  such as surge protection, protection against short-circuit, overheating, and other issues that could lead to a fire hazard.

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