Reasons why chefs prefer special design knives


All the top chef requires the best-designed knives for their work. Choosing the best-designed knife, however, isn’t easy. There are various knives in the market, and therefore, there is a need to look at the one that meets the chef’s needs. Determining the cut style of every knife type in the market is another challenge, no matter which type of knife it is. So what is the difference in knives?

What makes a knife different?

The regular chef’s knife has a blade of 8″ long with a ½ inch in the middle. Due to this blade curve design, the knife is useful in down and up blade rock.  The chef knives are supposed to practically do different work in the kitchen in an effective way.

With no doubt, the excellent chef knife set is more utilized, for it is a specific design. Most professional chefs will prefer using them for their daily work once they have purchased them. There are several reasons to why chef requires special design knife some of them are

Reasons why a chef requires special design knife

Quality and sharpness

The quality of a knife set and sharpness are some of the factors that most professional checks on the knife set. A knife that has an exceptional quality tends to be sharp, and this will ease their work. So the best knives are designed from more significant grade materials that are of high quality such as stainless steel, laminates, or carbon steel.

The blade length

The blade length is one of the trademark design that most chefs look at. Various knives models are giving out knives with different blade lengths. Depending on their different needs, chefs usually opt for the knife set with a right blade length of about 5-8 inches.

The reason behind this is that they prefer a length that will allow them to have a precise cut with ease without any problem.

The knife handles

The unique handles of a knife are another thing that makes a chef go for a given knife set. The materials that are used in making handles determines how comfortable the knife will be when using. So they need that knife with unique hands that can acquaint their hands to the frame for ideal handling when using.

The knife durability

Every chef desires to have high-quality knives that can last for some good days with high performance. Many chefs will seek to find the lifespan of the knife set they are about to purchase. Understanding the longevity of the preferred knife influences purchasing power.

The number of knives in a set

The number of knives in a knife set is another essential factor that makes a chef go for a special design knife. Having different knives in the kitchen makes their work easy. Different knives in a set perform different functions, and therefore most chefs will prefer to buy the set that has the different knives that will help them make their work easy.


How easy or challenging the knife is in sharpening is another thing most chefs look at a knife design. Using the knife for a long period makes them blunt, and therefore there is a need to sharpen them. The ease of sharpening the knife blade is vital in this case. So most chefs prefer the blade that is easy to sharpen with different materials.

The blade thickness

Various knives come with various thicknesses. Most chefs prefer those knives with thinner blades as opposed to thicker ones because they have much better cutting than a thicker one. Additionally, they have excellent and precise cuts. It should have understood that they are, however, delicate in that they may fail to have cuts on substantial works.

Knife balance

Chefs always prefer the knife type that has a well-balanced in terms of weight. They do not prefer a clunky or heavy knife because they might not have the precise cuts at their kitchen.

Final verdict

There are various reasons to why chefs require special design knife. The purpose ranges from the knife material, blade size, handles, among other reasons. The various knife brands available in the market differ on the features, and therefore it takes time for them to choose the best brand that can meet there needs. Having the best knife set in your kitchen is a sure bet for high-quality work.