Reasons to prefer Cavendish University scholarship program for a Master’s degree

Most of the times, undergraduates look for financial assistance to pursue a Bachelor’s and masters degree that require several years of education. In such a scenario, fellowship comes up as the most desired form of financial aid as, unlike educational loans, students don’t have to repay it. When it comes to applying for good, and generous scholarships for a Master’s degree, the competition is high and some of the best universities consider the previous academic history of the students very seriously. While some public universities are cutting down merit-based financial aid due to tight budgets, a growing number of private universities, on the other hand, are providing wonderful scholarships to students for their talents and hard work. And one of the best examples is the Cavendish University of Uganda. As a graduate student, if you are struggling to pay for master’s and searching for the best fellowships then this blog is here to tell you why Cavendish University should be your first choice. 

  • CUU Scholarship provides numerous advantages to its students 
  1. Provides financial security 

Many students graduate from university with huge student loan debt or limit their education to save the extra cost. But if you choose CUU for scholarships for a Master’s degree, you will be provided with a typical discount of 10% in tuition fees. Being a part of CUU you will also be getting an opportunity of studying on Academic Excellence fellowships that will cover up to 100% tuition and functional fees, available for both first-year and transfer students. These schemes will not only ease up your life but will also help you focus on your career instead of worrying about repaying the loan. Moreover, Cavendish University allows students to pursue subjects that require postgraduate training. By putting an end to financial barriers, this university makes student’s education and career goals easier to achieve. 

  1. Eases up education 

Having a fellowship that pays for your education can reduce your risk of dropping out and not getting the degree you want. Thus, by reducing financial concerns and offering academic scholarships awards to the best students, CUU is helping students to focus more on learning and studying, which will lead to better grades and increase their chances of continuing to postgraduate studies.  

  1. Provides career assistance 

Earning a fellowship from CUU makes your career even more attractive. Why? Because CUU follows a unique student-centric model of teaching where the highly educated teaching staffs focus more on active and participatory learning more than theoretical. From professional to personal, CUU helps students in developing overall skills to make their career a successful one. Therefore, employers who have profound knowledge about the competitive nature of the fellowship can recognize it as an accomplishment and consider you of having excellent academic capabilities. Scholarships for master’s degree from CUU is an accomplishment worth listing on your resume that would help you stand out during job hunting.   

  1. Provides opportunities for professional development:  

To get selected in this university scholarship program, students have to undergo a certain application process. CUU’s fellowship program offers mentoring from professionals from diverse industry backgrounds to exchange information, thoughts, and improve the overall personality of students. Moreover, they also organize different workshops such as skill training, career seminars, interview preparation, etc. to groom students with confidence and prepare them for various placement opportunities. 

  1. Provide personal assistance 

The university fellowship is usually designed to support students from specific backgrounds and to widen participation in postgraduate study. The money and security that this college provides to students to help them to be more selective regarding how they would spend their free time.  This further encourages students to select work that is meaningful and adds value to their degree rather than working at any minimum-wage job. 

  1. CUU fellowship helps students to build connection and network with people: 

Being part of a CUU scholarship program, students are provided with the opportunity to meet new people from different backgrounds. They become part of an exclusive community where they exchange information and share ideas freely without the fear of being judged. Workshop activities help them connect with fellow students and teachers, broadening their horizons and adding to their personal growth. This in return helps them gain self-confidence and open their minds to fresh ideas and different perspectives. 

Click here to explore the lists of other scholarship opportunities offered by such top private universities in UgandaFeel free to contact the Cavendish University enrollment office at +256 414531700 or visit their website, to know more about the fellowship program.