Reasons To Move to Houston – 7 Reasons 

There are several reasons to make a new city your home. These include higher education, seeking a new job, settling down after marriage, and simply taking up an exciting challenge. 

A move to Houston could well turn out to be one of your life’s best decisions! This beautiful Texan city, the fourth largest in the USA, offers hundreds of reasons to embrace it. It is a new, welcoming home for everybody – individuals, families, and retirees.  

Houston’s appeal lies mainly in its multicultural scene, affordable cost of living, and diverse career opportunities. This vibrant hub of fun-filled activities is also extremely family-friendly.  

Before you step into Houston’s welcoming atmosphere, you’d surely like to know the most beneficial reasons for moving to your new abode. 

Here are seven beneficial reasons to move to Houston: 

This city is full of jobs! 

Houston is home to numerous Fortune 500 companies representing various industries such as petroleum, aerospace, healthcare, bioengineering, and information technology. Along with job growth, the Texan city encourages entrepreneurship through its recent initiative called Houston Exponential. This dynamic organization helps connect like-minded investors and innovators and assists in launching startups citywide. 

Houston’s huge shipping port guarantees immense trading opportunities with the remaining world. As a result, it contributes to creating numerous jobs and significant economic activity in Houston and throughout the United States. 

Houston has a very low unemployment rate because it is a source of lucrative and skilled jobs.  

Diverse Neighborhoods and an Affordable Cost of Living 

With nearly a hundred distinct neighborhoods in Houston, you have a diverse range of residential options. Furthermore, this diverse city offers affordable homes. So, for instance, if you’re moving from Los Angeles to Houston, you’re sure to save a great deal on housing. Reasonable housing prices combined with a quality life make Houston a comfortable abode for families and individuals. 

If you’re a night owl, you might want to live in the hip, modern Midtown neighborhood, packed with trendy clubs, cafes, and world-class restaurants. If you’re moving to Houston with your family, the Woodlands, with its many enticing parks, is your best bet. 

Excellent Healthcare 

This is one of several quality-of-life amenities in Houston. Houston is home to many healthcare organizations offering residents access to any medical care they need. These include large hospitals, home healthcare companies, and individual doctors. 

Texas Medical Center (TMC), the pride of Houston, is the most extensive medical campus worldwide. It has thirteen hospitals, two healthcare schools, and four nursing programs. It has performed the greatest number of heart surgeries in the USA. 

The Memorial Hermann Health System, headquartered here, runs many public and specialized hospitals. Some other leading healthcare organizations here are Texas Children’s Hospital and the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, and Houston Methodist Hospital. 

You don’t pay income tax here! 

Wouldn’t you like to take more of your salary from your new employer’s home? When living in Houston, you don’t need to pay income tax. Good wages sans income tax makes this city highly favorable to living. 

So, after moving to Houston, no more collecting receipts and invoices for filing your income tax at the end of the year.  

Warm Weather  

Moving to Houston is your best bet if you enjoy warm weather. The city experiences sub-zero temperatures for just a week out of the year. With several days between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, Houston offers outdoor activities throughout the year.  

You can enjoy various attractions such as greenery, abundant spaces, youth sports, and summer camps. Look forward to walking, biking, picnicking, and relaxing in extensive parks and playgrounds to unwind from the hectic urban life. 

Plan to move to Houston in October or November or during springtime. The city experiences the most pleasant weather at these times. 


Education of High Quality  

One of the benefits of relocating to Houston is the abundance of educational opportunities. Houston is well-known for its prestigious schools, colleges, and universities.  

If you’re relocating with your family, you’ll have access to well-regarded school systems that provide quality education. For example, HISD, Houston’s public school system has abundant learning resources for students. 

Families also have access to many private schools and colleges. For higher education, particularly in biotechnology, you must aim for Rice University’s well-recognized. Houston Community College will provide you with quality training if you want to work. 

Cultural Diversity  

An absolute melting pot of cultures, Houston is a place for everybody. This racially and ethnically progressive city has nearly half of its residents speaking languages other than English.  

Houston’s multicultural food, clothing, and localities offer people from several countries a comfortable lifestyle. Try Houston’s incredible food at one or more of its various restaurants that serve an array of cuisines. Among them are: Asian, Southern, and Italian influences. 

Besides Houston’s iconic barbecue, some exotic dishes worth trying here are chicken-fried steak and Viet-cajun crawfish. 

In Houston, alongside its cultural diversity, you also enjoy the city’s exclusively Texan environment – Texan music, rodeos, cowboy attire, and more.  


You now understand why relocating to Houston could improve your life. You can expect to have access to a good education and well-paying jobs, a pleasant climate, a low cost of living, and high-quality healthcare on relocating here. 

The icing on the cake is that there is no income tax! 


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