Reasons to Invest in a Wooden Gun Stock

In the past two decades, there have been some significant changes in the ammunition market. Although there are synthetic stocks in the market, they cannot rival the wooden gun stocks. You may wonder, how comes wooden gun stocks are superior to synthetic ones?

Why Do People Prefer Wood Gun Stocks?

For most people, the wood gun stocks represent freedom. The gun stocks were used during the Civil War and other major wars throughout the globe. If you took part in the wars, it means you’ll view the wooden gun stock as a symbol of freedom.

The History of the Firearm Stocks

At first, bamboo rods would be used to hold the gunpowder. Europe first came across gunpowder in the 13th century. The Europeans would use it in cannons during the war. Later on, Richard Gatling came up with the Gatling Gun. The only issue is that it was heavy, and it could only be held by a crew of four people. After some years, the first shotgun came into existence; it is somewhat similar to those in the current market. There was also the Maxim gun and the semi-automatic rifle. By evaluating the gun industry, you’ll notice that some significant changes have taken place over the years.

For the traditional shooters, wooden gun stocks are preferable, and they shy away from using synthetic firearms. Some professional shooters and hunters consider wood to be a valuable and fundamental component compared to different synthetic materials used to manufacture modern-day firearms.

Why Should You Invest in Wooden Gun Stocks?

1.    The Stocks Are Durable and Stable

We all know that wood is a living material, and it can easily absorb humidity and water. Such factors might discourage you from investing in the wooden stock; however, you should consider the type of finish incorporated. Some finishes are water-resistant, and with such, there is no need to worry about shrinking or swelling the wooden gun stock because of moisture. You should also consider using laminated wood, and it can be made from two types of wood. The laminated wood ensures the stock is more appealing. Also, it’ll be more stable and stronger, and there is no need to worry about deformation because of exposure to environmental factors.

2.    They Have an Ideal Weight

You should consider the weight of the gun stock. Some people claim that wooden gun stocks are heavy. For most people, I’d say it’s more of a preference. With the wooden gun stock, you can get a perfect shot since the firearm is stable. If the stock is too light, the recoil might flex and vibrate. As a result, the wooden gun stocks have an ideal weight, and you’ll manage to get that perfect shot easily.

Some people assume that as a natural material, firearms made of wood are less accurate. Such allegations are false because:

•    The wood absorbs the impact better as compared to other materials, which means there will be no vibration and movement after taking a shot. You’ll manage to get that accurate shot.

•    It is possible to bed a wooden gun stock. The foundation can be made of aluminum that is rigid such that there won’t be any deformation after taking a shot.

To produce wooden gun stocks, you don’t need to part with a considerable sum of money. You can produce the guns in small batches as you carry out prototyping. The main advantage of prototyping is that you can easily upgrade any firearm.

Wood is also elegant and prestigious such that it usually adds value to the gun stock. Some of the expensive wood types include walnut, and they ensure you’ll feel that exceptional warmth as you hold onto the rifle. With wooden gun stocks, you should also consider the type of finishes to make it more appealing.

Final Thoughts

Wood is a suitable choice if you need to make some adjustments to the firearm in the near future. For instance, you can add a lead recoil reducer. The top of the gun can also be shaved down. By maintaining the wooden gun stock well, you’ll also manage to use it for a prolonged period.