Reasons To Hire A Licensed Real Estate Professional

Since the internet provides so much information, a lot of home buyers and sellers feel like hiring a licensed real estate professional is no longer necessary.  Most buyers & sellers don’t understand that a licensed real estate professional’s job is to make the sales transaction go smoothly.  There’s so much more to the Premier Atlanta Real Estate sales process than looking at nice houses or advertising your house on a couple of websites.

1.Know the Process- Premier Realty & Property Management Services, LLC can assist buyers with understanding how the purchasing process works.  Our goal is to help you avoid surprises by explaining the process up front. Our experienced real estate agents will make every effort to make sure you understand the home buying process from beginning to end so closing on your new home can be a memorable experience.

2.Identifying Flaws in the Property- Our real estate agents at Premier Realty & Property Management Services have reliable home inspectors that we recommend.  These home inspectors can make you aware of major issues with a home that aren’t always obvious.  This can help you avoid buying a “money pit” property.  Our team of experts are dedicated to helping you select the ideal property for your needs.

3.Effective Negotiations- Hiring a Real Estate Professional can help you get the best deal for your dollars.  We have access to information that’s not readily available or easy to find through our software systems. A real estate professional can help you to understand what factors effect a homes value, what information is important when figuring out which homes in the area would be considered comparable to your property or a buyer’s property of interest.  A real estate agent can also provide information on market areas to help you make a good offer that benefits the buyer and that sellers will take seriously.

4.Connect with Reliable Contractors- Real Estate Brokerages like Premier Realty & Property Management Services, LLC can connect our clients with professional, licensed & insured contractors to help you build a custom home or get repairs done properly all at an affordable price.

In today’s environment, there are so many scams set up to get your personal information and your money.  Working with a licensed real estate agent can help minimize the chances of your personal information falling into the wrong hands. Working with a Real Estate Brokerage Firm like Premier Realty & Property Management Services, LLC. can help you narrow down your search faster, by only sending homes with most if not all of your desired criteria.  Most real estate professionals have already done necessary research on certain areas.  When your real estate agent has knowledge on an area that interests their client, they can share it to help you make an informed decision.  They can also tell you where to look for more information that you may be looking for. This saves you time!

Real Estate Agents at Premier Realty & Property Management Services, LLC understand what works and what doesn’t in this process of buying, selling, leasing, or managing a property.  Most of all they don’t have an emotional attachment in the outcome so they can help you avoid making a decision that you will regret later. Our goal is to help you meet your real estate goals and be your Premier Real Estate Broker Atlanta for life.